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What the Kardashians Can Teach Businesses About Social Media

When it comes to social media, the Kardashians are doing something right.

‘Momager’ Kris Jenner and her children are believed to be worth an estimated £155.3 million collectively, and how they conduct themselves on social media has played in taking them from reality TV stars to cultural icons.

All five of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters are in the top 100 most followed accounts on Twitter and while your goals might be different, there’s plenty of lessons you can take away to help you grow your own social channels.

How to interact with your social media audience

One of the ways in which the Kardashian’s personalise their marketing approach is by merging it with fan interactions.

Taking the following tweet as an example:

Not only does Kylie Jenner respond to her fans, but intelligently plugs her own product while responding. Customer loyalty needs to be rewarded with positive interactions from those running the business. If the Kardashian’s didn’t show any affection to their millions of fans, then their likability would surely have never risen to level it’s at now. A small business isn’t going to have a large fan base, so it’s important that you recognise those customers who invest heavily in your products and services. You’re extremely reliant upon word of mouth and you need your most loyal customers to attract others to your business. Keeping your initial following onside is crucial to the development of your business.

How to not be overpromotional

Businesses need to understand that being over promotional is not the way to conduct yourself on social media. The Kardashian’s mix it up with both personal and promotional interactions with their followers; looking at their fan base as fans and not just customers. Using social media as purely a promotional tool won’t work. You need to build a relationship with your followers and by putting in the groundwork with them it’s going to give you a greater success rate of converting your social media posts into sales. Using the following tweet as an example:

Arguably, the Kardashian’s USP is their extravagant lifestyle and there will be many people in their fan base who aspire to have a similar one. In Kendall’s tweet, her image represents her luxurious jet setting lifestyle as well as her expensive taste in clothing, which once again plays on the Kardashian’s USP.

Despite the fact that she doesn’t go over the top with the tweet, leaving it to just two words and an image, the tweet itself was still able to gain over 12,000 retweets and over 45,000 likes. She has a clear awareness of what sells their brand.

If you are confident in your business’ USP, then it’s important to keep communicating it to your social media audience. Once you know what your biggest draw is to your audience, the products and services that you promote on social will sell themselves and will allow you to refrain from being ‘full-on’ with your promotion.

How to be relatable

When promoting your business on social media, you need to give your audience a reason to follow you, and the content that you publish will be the key to your social media campaigns being a success. By keeping your content relevant to your audience you’re going to give yourself a greater chance of having your followers come back to your social channels on a regular basis to keep themselves up to date.

Remember to stick to what you know when promoting yourself on your social media channels. Recently Cheerios decided to pay tribute to recently deceased musician Prince by publishing an image of ‘Rest in peace’ accompanied by the hashtag #Prince.

What really caused offence however was that the dot above the ‘I’ in the image was replaced with a cheerio. The tweet was branded tasteless by many as they believed that the company tried to take advantage of Prince’s death by promoting their brand. When the Kardashians promote themselves on social media, they keep things simple and tend to stray away from branded tweets. Yes, they occasionally promote their television show, clothing lines or apps, but they do it in such a subtle way that they never come across more as a brand than an individual.

Khloe Kardashian, on twitter in particular, focuses on two main subjects for the most part, style and fitness. She uses many of her tweets as an introduction to content on her app which was created to give her fans a greater insight into her personal life.

Her tweets remain consistent in the way that they constantly promote a positive attitude and she uses her app to help her fans share their very own confidence tips. Not only does he promote her app, but she strengthens her relationship with her core following. She never breaks character and remains consistent with her messages, which is essential when it comes to growing your fan base.

The Kardashian’s grew their brand on the back of being relatable, open and engaging with their audience. This ethos has been so fundamental to the Kardashians growing a strong following and applies very much too small businesses too.

How successful partnerships can make your business stronger

The Kardashian sisters also act as a unit on social media. All sisters play a part in plugging each other’s products and social media profiles, allowing each
sister’s specific target audience to grow in size. How businesses can learn from this is by forming relationships with others who will be able to promote you as a business too which should hopefully result in the growth of your business.

External allies can open up your products and services to a sea of new business opportunities. The Kardashian-Jenner sisters may all have their individual target markets, however they are all similar in a way and it’s another lesson that businesses must learn from. Partnering with businesses with a completely different ethos from your own could uphold you from taking advantage of new business, if the company promoting you has a following that would have no interest in what your business can provide.

Each sister asks as a social ambassador for one another, a method which can easily be incorporated by any business.

Your employees can be a very valuable asset on social media. Try and encourage your staff to become ambassadors for your brand by getting them to share your content on their own social channels.

Kim Kardashian for example recently agreed to become the brand ambassador for LuMee LLC, US consumer electronics providers. Kim, who is renowned for her obsession with ‘selfies’ takes to her social accounts to promote the company, who’s inventive light up mobile phone cases are used to help their customers perfect the art of the ‘selfie’.

Both parties benefit majorly for the partnership. LuMee from having their products shared on a global scale, and Kim, through presumable financial gain and a strengthening her reputation as a ‘selfie queen’. However, together the pair majorly benefit from profitability and the opportunity to stretch their content to different audiences.

How to take advantage of multiple social media channels

By interacting with their fans over an extensive number of social media platforms, the Kardashian’s are able to spread their messages to an even wider fan base through social sharing. The Kardashian sisters collectively have a staggering 368.8 million followers across there Twitter and Instagram accounts alone.

It’s massively important that small businesses get themselves up on social media as soon as possible due to the way it allows businesses to grow through engagement with their target market. Social media is arguably the first resource consumers go to for information and as of January this year, there is believed to be 2.307 billion active social media users in the world.

Social media is such a huge part of the Kardashian brand and Kim Kardashian believes in particular that her own following has continued to grow on social media due to how willing she is to share and be open with her followers. Never be shy to post on social as a business, through hashtagging and producing relevant content for your target market, your audience should be given a decent platform to grow from there.


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