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Custard 5* Reviews

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Custard 5* Reviews

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Custard 5* Reviews

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Facebook Ads Agency Manchester

Facebook Ads Agency Manchester

Facebook (aka Meta!) is a powerful and feature rich advertising platform. Get a FREE consultation with one of our experts about how best to leverage it for your business.

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Facebook Ads are still one of the best ways to reach a large audience and boost sales. Meta claims to have in the region of 3 billion monthly active users, with a data footprint spanning over 20 years. This furnishes the platform with uniquely detailed insights into user demographics, interests and buying habits. By leveraging this information, Custard helps businesses like yours deploy a variety of powerful advertising techniques at every level of the conversion funnel, driving traffic and sales.

We Let Our Results Speak For Themselves

Paid Social ROAS Improvement Plot

This screengrab is taken from one of our client performance tracking dashboards. It shows that our work to restructure this client’s paid social account in April has taken ROAS from around 100% during May 2022 (break even on ad spend) to 300% in May & June 2023. Performance in June 2023 massively beat the summer lull experienced during June 2022. This transformation took just a month to implement, with results quickly felt by the client. We’re all about the bottom line, which is why we regularly update our latest results page to share evidence of our good work.

We can do this for your business.

Digital Marketing Accreditations
Digital Marketing Accreditations

Why use Facebook Ads?

Paid Facebook Ads are a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, enabling them to reach their target audience with precision and at a relatively low cost. With the ability to choose from numerous targeting options, businesses can home in on exactly who will be seeing their ads. This type of Facebook paid advertising is often more effective than traditional methods, such as television or print advertising, as it allows you to target people based on their interests, demographics, and location.

Why do you need a Facebook Advertising agency?

Target specific demographics

Our extensive experience in targeting all kinds of audience with all manner of products means that we have what it takes to ensure your Facebook ads reach the right users at the right time.

Effective campaigns

With the help of our Facebook Ads Agency Manchester, your campaigns can be tuned to target customers at every stage of their buying journey with tailored messaging, encouraging users down the funnel from first impression to conversion.

Keep track of objectives and improve strategies

We gather as much data as possible from your Facebook ad campaigns to gain insights into what’s working and what’s not, allowing us to adapt and evolve our approach to get your account functioning as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of Facebook Advertising

  1. Highly customisable ads - a huge range of ad creative formats are available for us to use.
  2. Detailed audience cohorts - Facebook offers a massive range of audience categorisations, which can be combined to form uniquely relevant silos for your advertising efforts.
  3. Budget friendly - a variety of budget management tools make it possible to run a campaign to fit any budget.
  4. Easy to track and measure - precision event tracking provides detailed pipeline metrics, allowing not only measurement of performance but changes of course to maximise efficiency.
  5. Helps grow your audience - with in the region of 3 billion monthly active users, Facebook offers an ocean of potential customers for your business.
  6. Easy to set up and deliver fast results - Facebook ads can be live in a matter of hours. New ads and campaigns are subject to a learning period, which typically runs for a couple of weeks, but your ads will show during that time, and once the learning period is complete you'll be ready to scale up.
  7. Custom call-to-actions - ad creatives can encourage users to take any next step you can think of.

What do our clients say?

“We had been through 3 other digital agencies prior to Custard, all of which were double the price if not more.

Custard are not only the least expensive of all of the agencies we have used, they have delivered exactly what they said they could, and then some. Rose & the team have been able to clearly explain what they have done and why they have done it, gradually transitioning our paid ads so that there was no drop off in revenue from our site, and consistently building success on top.

Would thoroughly recommend.”

Thomas N.
Paid Media Client

What Facebook paid advertising can do for you

  1. Increase brand awareness: Facebook Ads are a cost-effective way to get your brand out in front of the widest audience possible.
  2. Generate more leads: Create a steady stream of enquiries, with different lead/conversion types trackable individually.
  3. Drive traffic to your website: Enjoy an uplift in site conversion rate by driving only the most engaged visitors to your site.
  4. Increase sales: Increase sales and grow your business.

Jumpstart Your Success

Frequently Asked Questions

How Facebook Advertising works

Our Facebook PPC agency can promote your business by setting up an ad account on Facebook, where we can create campaigns, set ad budgets, and manage the ads they create. After selecting the type of campaign (e.g., website visits, app installs or video views) and setting a budget, we will need to choose your target audience. This includes age group, gender and geographical location as well as interests or behaviours that are related to their product or service.

What is a Facebook Advertising agency?

A Facebook advertising agency is a company that offers specialised services in creating, managing, and optimising campaigns targeted to their clients’ desired audience on the social media platform.

Facebook Ads agencies, like Custard, are experts in leveraging the power of the world’s largest social network. We use tailored strategies to craft campaigns that reach people based on their interests, hobbies, lifestyle choices, and other factors. By utilising sophisticated targeting techniques within Facebook’s platform and its related services, we can reach customers in new ways and drive engagement with your products or services.

What is the Facebook learning phase?

The Facebook Ads learning phase is the period when the delivery system still has a lot to learn about an ad set. During this time, the delivery system will explore the best way to deliver your ad set, so performance has not yet stabilised. Our Facebook Ads agency Manchester can guide you through this process, and work out how to get out of the learning phase on Facebook with our bespoke campaigns.

You can find out more about this by reading our guide to Facebook’s learning phase.

Has Facebook changed its name?

Whilst the Facebook company has changed its name to Meta, the social networking app Facebook has kept its name. Our Facebook Ads agency won’t be turning into a Meta Ads agency, anytime soon.