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Custard 5* Reviews

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Custard 5* Reviews

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Custard 5* Reviews

“A superb business to work with”

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Social Media Agency Manchester

You’ll find no cookie-cutters here – every paid social campaign is different. Get a FREE consultation with one of our experts about the right approach for your business.

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Social Media Agency Manchester
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Find your place amongst the food photos, pet pics, memes, and status updates with Custard – a social media agency Manchester can be proud of. Our social media marketing campaigns put your business right under your customers’ noses, prompting actions and reactions; sowing seeds of desire; driving clicks, shares & enquiries; getting your business the traction it deserves.

We Let Our Results Speak For Themselves

Paid Social ROAS Improvement Plot

This screengrab is taken from one of our client performance tracking dashboards. It shows that our work to restructure this client’s paid social account in April has taken ROAS from around 100% during May 2022 (break even on ad spend) to 300% in May & June 2023. Performance in June 2023 massively beat the summer lull experienced during June 2022. This transformation took just a month to implement, with results quickly felt by the client. We’re all about the bottom line, which is why we regularly update our latest results page to share evidence of our good work.

We can do this for your business.

Digital Marketing Accreditations
Digital Marketing Accreditations

Globally, the average person spends just shy of 7 hours per day on a screen – with Gen Z spending up to 9 hours1. Social media is a massive part of modern life, which makes it a hugely valuable asset for business. As a specialised social media marketing agency, we can leverage paid social campaigns to target the people most likely to convert, extending your reach and helping you to take advantage of the biggest digital marketing opportunities and trends.

1. Source:

Attract customers, build brand awareness and boost your sales with tailor-made Facebook Ads, created by our paid social agency. Facebook has revolutionised the way brands advertise and communicate with their target audience. We’ll make visually captivating, highly-clickable ads that send the perfect message to your ideal user.

If you’re working B2B, then LinkedIn Ads are perfect for you. You can advertise to audiences actively looking to engage with your business’s offerings with a bespoke paid social campaign designed by Custard – a Manchester social media agency. Users on LinkedIn hold about twice the buying power of audiences on other platforms, making the choice to advertise on there a savvy one.

Advertising on Insta offers the perfect combination of precise audience targeting, punchy ad copy, and engaging visuals.

Our paid social experts will create audience-specific and eye-catching ads to drive users to your website and encourage conversions.

What do our clients say?

“We had been through 3 other digital agencies prior to Custard, all of which were double the price if not more.

Custard are not only the least expensive of all of the agencies we have used, they have delivered exactly what they said they could, and then some. Rose & the team have been able to clearly explain what they have done and why they have done it, gradually transitioning our paid ads so that there was no drop off in revenue from our site, and consistently building success on top.

Would thoroughly recommend.”

Thomas N.
Paid Media Client

Social media management Manchester

SMM is as Mancunian as The Stone Roses, social activism and artificial intelligence!

When it comes to contribution, Manchester punches well above its weight. We’re proud to be a part of this great city’s thriving digital scene, and just like our forebears we’re eager to show the rest of the world what we can do with social media marketing. Go on, give us a try.

Importance of paid social media in a modern world

If you’re looking to reach new audiences, launch a new product, or advertise a highly sought after service, social media marketing should be your first port of call. Today’s fast-moving digital world makes organic reach harder to achieve and you need to know how to move with the changing tides. The birth of social media changed the face of advertising forever, and there are now endless ways for businesses to interact with their potential customers in a constantly accessible world – and that’s where our paid social advertising agency comes in.

As a top social media marketing agency, we know exactly how to help you achieve your business goals with SMM and advertising. Our expert paid social team knows what goes into a paid social ad to really make it pop, and how best to use this in a business context. So, if you want to generate leads or increase sales, get in touch with our social media management agency today.

Jumpstart Your Success

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use social media marketing?

Social media is everywhere. By launching an effective and carefully planned paid social campaign designed by the experts at our paid social ad agency, you can reach your potential audience in a spot where they spend plenty of their own time – scrolling through the latest news, views & content. Social media marketing is also incredibly varied and allows your business to communicate to your audience through sound and video as well as simple text and images.

What is the best social media site for my business?

There is no easy answer when it comes to finding the best social media site for your business. Paid social media platforms like Meta (incorporating Instagram & Facebook Ads) is a great way to reach new customers, but you also need to consider where your target audience likes to spend their time online. If you’re targeting a more mature audience, then Facebook may be best. Want to reach young adults? Instagram is likely to be more effective than Facebook. If you’re targeting professionals, LinkedIn trumps both. The key is to do your research and find the sites that are most relevant to your target audience – or, to hire a social media management agency to do it for you.

What does paid social media marketing include?

Paid social media marketing covers everything from devising an effective SMM strategy, scheduling and launching ad campaigns and even designing the ads themselves. There are a lot of moving parts to this essential marketing medium, so why not outsource it to the experts? Get in touch for a quote today.

Is social media marketing the most effective form of advertising?

Whether or not social media marketing is the most effective form of advertising varies depending on your demographic but it’s certainly the most ubiquitous and the form of marketing with the highest potential reach. In the modern era, effective social media marketing campaigns are a must for almost every business – which is why you need a paid social marketing agency to create bespoke campaigns to help you achieve your goals. Efficacy depends not only on your objectives, but also on how social media works in unison with your other marketing activities. A canny retargeting campaign on Facebook can help to squeeze much more out of your paid search spend, for instance.

Why use a paid social media marketing agency?

Skilled agencies like Custard’s Manchester digital marketing agency have years of expertise in paid social media advertising and can help you target the right people with the right message to achieve your goals. If you’re ready to unlock your business’ potential through the power of social media marketing, get in touch with Custard today.