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Custard 5* Reviews

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Custard 5* Reviews

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Custard 5* Reviews

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Google Shopping Agency Manchester

There’s so much more to Google Shopping since the advent of Pmax. But you can be assured that your campaign is in safe hands with Custard.

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Google Shopping Agency Manchester
Custard 5* Google Reviews

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Whether you’re a small start-up or an established brand, we can successfully set up and manage a Google Shopping campaign that generates tangible profitable returns. We know how to configure and optimise your feed to get more the most out of it, and we can integrate it seamlessly with Performance Max.

We Let Our Results Speak For Themselves

Graph showing paid search ROAS growth from 170% to over 700%, and CPA reduced from £25.75 to £7.80 in just 6 months

This screengrab is taken directly from the top level of one of our retail client accounts (with permission) in Google Ads – no filters. It shows that our work increased ROAS from 170% to over 700%, and reduced CPA from £25.75 to £7.80 in just 6 months between January 2023 and June 2023. This was a game-changer for our client. We’re all about the bottom line, which is why we regularly update our latest results page to share evidence of our good work.

We can do this for you.

Drive performance with our Google Shopping agency

Google Shopping management should be a collaborative process – if we work closely with you to organise and perfect your product feed, we can make your budget work harder. Every penny will matter. Our expert team will develop a data-driven approach to your Google Shopping campaigns, combining detailed customer insight with business data, like stock levels, promotional ranges, and product margin.

Why you need a Google Shopping Ads agency

Better click-through rates

We know how to optimise your PLAs to deliver better click through rates

Better merchandising

We have a range of techniques to better showcase your products, such as maximising use of optional fields

Leverage promotions

We can set you up and give you advice on utilising promotion extensions to target value savvy consumers

Advanced reporting

We employ various data connectors and custom fields to silo performance metrics in a way that makes sense to your business

How our Google Shopping management agency can help you

  • Driven by data: Data never lies, and we use historic trends alongside recent figures to make informed choices about optimising your Google Shopping advertising campaign
  • Knowledgeable about your business: To best know how to get the most from your budget, we need to know how you work. We’ll take time to learn your business and develop a strategy tailored entirely to you, from market position to brand image.
  • Knowledgeable about your customers: We focus not only on the products you are selling, but also on your target customer – who they are, what they’re searching for, and how they behave when shown your product.
  • Budget-maximising: We’ll make sure that your ads are as relevant as they can be in order to generate more sales and provide the best ROI. Our team is commercially astute, and we always look to maximise total overall returns within challenging target ROAS/ROI targets.

We have a proven track record in Google Shopping management and optimisation.

Integral to maximising performance and improving ROI through Google shopping services

Increase visibility and effective allocation of your overall budget

Apply advanced optimisation techniques to beat the competition

Fine tune Google Shopping campaigns to minimise waste and maximise efficiency

Jumpstart Your Success

Google Shopping FAQs

How to manage your Google Shopping campaigns

There are two main options for handling Google Shopping campaigns. For smaller companies, managing campaigns internally is probably the most cost effective solution. However, for large companies, outsourcing Google Shopping campaign management to an agency can be more cost effective.

What is the difference between Google Shopping and Google Ads?

Google Ads requires a large amount of keyword research, to ensure ads are only shown for relevant terms, as well as content creation on the ads themselves. Google Shopping uses information already provided by your product page and Google Shopping product feed to targets your relevant keywords. That’s why you need an expert Google Shopping Agency Manchester to manage your accounts.

What is the best format for a Google Shopping product feed?

With proper Google Shopping Ads management, Google Shopping feeds can be formatted a number of different ways, but are most commonly done using an XML feed. This ensures a direct link between the shopping feed and Google Merchant Centre, meaning price changes, new products and removed items automated updated each time the feed is fetched. Other accepted formats are CSV product files, as well as API links direct from platforms such as Shopify.

How does Google Shopping work

Google Shopping is Google’s own advertising network – via Google Merchant Center – that allows you to place your products in front of people who are ready to buy them. Google Merchant Center is the warehouse to Google Ads’ shopfront.

Unlike other Adwords platforms, Google Shopping relies on the shopping feed you input to inform it on what products are included and for which queries should be displayed rather than solely bidding on keywords. This means that advertisers need to use optimised, correctly formatted feeds to upload their information for the best chances of being displayed for the correct queries.

Your shopping feed could encompass your entire product range or simply a selection, such as your bestsellers. It can also incorporate other areas of information like review stars, pricing, product specs and much more.

When working with Google Shopping, it’s important to consider a holistic campaign plan. Shopping campaigns will only ever capture inbound traffic, so we will ensure that you’re properly set up to attract new customers and audiences effectively, and to make the most of returning shoppers too. So, leave it to our Google Shopping Agency Manchester to work it out for you!