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Found yourself in Google’s bad books? Come down on the wrong side of a core update? Get back to growth with our Google penalty removal agency. Google issues penalties when they don’t like how you’re running your website. Google penalties can be crippling to online businesses, however our Google penalty removal agency can turn things around. Recover from Google penalties, and retake your rightful place in the SERPs.

We Let Our Results Speak For Themselves

This plot from Google Search Console shows how we helped a client recover their blog content from a medical-advice focused core update in the first half of 2023. Not only did we bring their blog back to life, but the pages went on to perform better than they did before the update. We’re all about the bottom line, which is why we regularly update our latest results page to share evidence of our good work.

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Types Of Google Penalty

Google can penalise your site in two different ways – manual penalties and algorithmic penalties.

Manual penalties are the most devastating penalty. They indicate that Google has taken direct, proactive steps to penalise your site. These penalties are applied to sites that go against Google’s search guidelines, for example, high numbers of spammy links and lots of plagiarised text and they can eradicate rankings.

Algorithmic penalties are a little less scary, usually occurring after a major search algorithm update. Google is constantly developing the framework it uses to evaluate websites, these penalties mean you’re not on the same page as Google and you need to make changes to better suit the way searchers use websites.

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How We Can Reverse Google Penalties

What action we take, as a Google penalty removal agency, will depend on what the penalty is deciding how we do a Google penalty removal. Manual penalties will be noted in Google Search Console so they’re very easy to identify, but algorithmic penalties require a little bit more research to check for Google penalties and their causes.

If your penalty is link-based, we’ll carry out an audit and find every bad link. We’ll then put together a comprehensive disavow file, which you can submit to Google to distance yourself from bad links to your site and remove their negative effects.

If it’s content-based the approach to remove the penalty involves analysis and re-writes to make sure all of your content adds unique value.

Reverse Penalties To Get Your Traffic Back

Contact us at our SEO penalty removal agency if you need help removing a manual or algorithmic penalty to get your keyword rankings back and renew your organic performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Google penalty?

A Google penalty is the result of violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. When a site is penalised, its search engine ranking drops significantly. The most common type of penalty is the “manual action”, when a Google employee manually penalises a site for violating the guidelines. There are also two types of algorithmic penalties: “automatic” and “manual”. Automatic penalties are applied when Google’s algorithms determine that a site has violated the guidelines, while manual penalties are applied by a Google employee.

How long does a Google penalty last?

Google penalties can last anywhere from a day to a year or beyond, depending on the severity of the violation and Google’s evaluation of your efforts to address the problem. In extreme cases, you may not be able to recover at all. However our Google penalty agency will do everything possible to get to the root of the issue and give you the information you need to move forward.

How do you recover from a manual link penalty?

If you’ve been penalised by Google for violating their linking guidelines, then you need to take immediate steps to recover your site. The first thing you need to do is identify the pages that have been penalised by using the Google Search Console or a tool like SEMrush. After this, you’ll need to remove all of the bad links from them. It’s best to ask a professional to help if you aren’t an expert, to avoid further penalties. Talk to us, an expert Google penalty removal agency, to discuss your manual penalty removal options.

What would result in a Google penalty?

Some of the most common reasons are having too many low-quality links, duplicate content, or trying to manipulate search engine results. Being penalised for this causes your site to rank lower in search results, and you may even be removed from Google’s index altogether. The best advice is to focus on creating a user journey which is useful in a way that sets you apart from the competition, be that through offering a unique angle, the best price or service promise, the most readily available inventory or compelling review content. If you do these things, you are unlikely to find yourselves in the grip of a penalty or algorithmic drop in the first place.