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How to write web copy that converts

Regardless of what your business sells, writing great copy is the key to maximising the amount of leads or sales your website generates and getting the most from your traffic. Conversion optimisation is an important aspect of online marketing that’s...


How to supercharge your PPC landing page

Landing Page Optimisation One of the key, and often over looked, areas to conversion optimisation is having a good landing page. The landing page of your advert can mean the difference between your visitor turning into Alice, falling deeper into that...


Content Writing for Conversion

Here at Custard Media we’re proud of our content writers. In the age of conversion optimisation, it’s not enough just to have well-written content. So not only do we produce site content that reads well, it’s also conversion-friendly. [feature]In...


Good content = happy site visitors = more conversions!

As one of the Content Writers here at Custard Media one of my pet peeves is reading through a website with content which is full of spelling and grammatical errors. It looks like I’m not the only person who is bothered by this as last Saturday was Punctuation...


Ignore Conversion Optimisation At Your Peril!

Last time out we presented our top 5 ways to help your site convert – and it’s not just us at Custard Media who are taking site conversions seriously. New statistics out this week highlight the importance of looking at conversion over sales, with...

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