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An Inside Interrogation Of Gazel (The Excel Add-in NOT the Antelope)

All PPC account managers know, love it or hate it, Excel is a major part of your daily routine.

Gazel is an Excel Add-in, (co-created by Chad Summerhill), that allows you to draw your Adwords data directly into Excel, without downloading it manually from Google. It allows you to create reports and dashboards, from scratch or in customisable templates.

Not to be confused with the deer-like animal.


Having only used Gazel for a few weeks, this is by no means a technical interrogation of the tool! However, I have reviewed the add-in and here are my findings:

  • Quick and Fast (Like a Gazel)

The loading times were a pleasurable experience as downloading accounts and custom reports didn’t leave you snoring. The whole point of using a new PPC tool is to save time and this is a massive plus. The custom reports also aid in time saving; they are great for taking data directly from your account into Excel and there are lots to choose from.

Personally the one I used most was the Search Query Report – a quick and easy way to look at your terms and identify areas for refinement.

  • Simple and easy to use

At first glance the best thing about Gazel is how easy it is to. Once installed the product is incredibly user friendly, with simple step by step instructions to download accounts and an easy to navigate interface.

Gazel Interface

  • A thumbs up… but it isn’t revolutionary

On the whole, Gazel gets a big thumbs up; in terms of usability and simplicity it ticks the boxes… However, at the moment I just can’t seem to integrate Gazel into my daily routine – maybe I am just stuck in my ways (and I have only used it for a few weeks) but I already have report templates and I’m used to downloading directly from Adwords.

Therefore, Gazel isn’t some revolutionary PPC tool, that will completely change the way you manage accounts, however, this tool is useful for time management – particularly with its ability to customise reports and dashboards.

  • Recommend giving it a try…

With all this in mind, I would recommend trying it (maybe you aren’t as stuck in your ways as I am). I think it would be easier for people who are new to account management, or just handling an in house PPC account, to integrate it into their daily routine.

Overall, this is a handy tool to use and the reports available give you a great overview of the areas you should be analysing across your PPC accounts. I am looking forward to looking further into using Gazel and customising my own reports.

Got any advice on using Gazel? What do you think of the software? Which PPC tools couldn’t you live without? It would be great to hear from you – why not get in touch by commenting below, or via our contact page?

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