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Why Page Speed is Important for SEO (and How to Increase It)

Have you ever spent a long time waiting for a website to load? Websites that load too slowly are major annoyances for users, as well as an impediment to your site ranking as well as it should in Google’s results. Websites can load slowly for a variety...


How to Create and Optimise Your Sitemap

Does your website have a sitemap? Sitemaps are one of the most important and least discussed aspects of search engine optimisation and accessibility, playing a major role in helping search engines and users navigate your website. An HTML sitemap is, in...


Why Your Website Needs Content Marketing

From pay-per-click advertising to SEO, some marketing methods are easy to justify and even easier to quantify. They bring in leads and sales, often immediately, giving your business the fuel it needs to keep growing and developing. Other marketing methods...


How 404 errors are killing your SEO efforts

Have you redesigned your website recently? Whether you’ve switched to a different content management system (CMS) or revised your website’s look and structure, it’s likely that some of your pages are no longer accessible at their previous URLs. If...


Why Flash is Bad for SEO

Back in 2010, Apple made headlines by leaving a seemingly important feature out of their at-the-time new iPad. The tablet boasted a huge variety of features, aside from one: support for Flash. Apple, which expanded on its reasons for not supporting Flash...

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