There’s a lot of noise on the internet so, unless you’ve got something big to say, you might struggle to be heard. But you work in a ‘boring industry’ and there’s not been anything exciting enough to talk about in years? We don’t believe you.
Content marketing is storytelling. We craft a narrative from a topic in your industry, make it appealing and engaging, and then put it out there for the masses to consume. No more screaming for attention in a crowded room, you’ll be on stage bathed in the show-lights.


Case Study – Animal Friends

We helped Animal Friends gain over 150 backlinks from a content marketing campaign.

What is content marketing?

Successful regular content campaigns are based on longevity and consistency, content marketing is all about striking gold with one swing of the pickaxe.

To create a content marketing piece, we do research into niche topics in your industry that people aren’t really talking about and we make them important. We turn what you might consider an uninteresting subject into something that’s genuinely exciting by looking at it in a different way.

The form that a content marketing piece can take vary, from a simple story on your blog to a data-stuffed, infographic supported, attention-pillaging landing page. Whatever it is we come up with, it’ll get people talking.

Some of our content marketing pieces


What you get out of content marketing

Once we’ve done all the digging and created a story for you, we use our connections to the press, influencers, and online communities to distribute. Not only will the page we’ve created rank organically, it’ll start to draw backlinks, brand mentions, citations, syndications, and social shares for your site.

This is good stuff. It’s all-natural, pesticide-free, hand-reared SEO fuel. It’ll make people visit and it’ll gain Google’s respect.

Reasons for content marketing

Why would you choose to run a content marketing piece? Why not just post regular, consistent content and seek backlinks on a monthly basis?

Content marketing is especially useful for three main circumstances you might be in:

Make a splash in a crowded market

If you’re struggling to stand out from your competition, whether there are too many of them or they’re too well established, content marketing can give you the PR boost you need to get some attention.

Catch The Competition

When the gap in ranking positions between you and your competitors is widening, content marketing can give you the injection of backlinks, social buzz, and direct traffic that you need to change Google’s mind on who deserves to climb.

Replace Lost Backlinks

If you’re looking for quick backlinks, whether to replace lost links or quickly boost your site’s authority, a content marketing piece is your best bet. While nothing is guaranteed, we have a strong track record of getting links from high value online publications.

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