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During April this year, we implemented a new navigation structure for including the creation of additional sub-pages under the top level categories.

36% increase in organic traffic
77% increase in organic conversions

The Brief

When Platehunter contacted us at Custard, the company's main focus was to improve their keyword rankings, however their website wasn't very well optimised.

The Approach

Various other on-site optimisation changes were completed over the course of the month, including keyword research, meta tag optimisation and the addition of new content. We also merged a lot of similar pages with overlapping themes and content to avoid keyword cannibalisation, and created redirects from old page versions to the new unified versions.

The Approach

During May we saw a 36% increase in organic traffic to the site compared with the previous month, a significant improvement over the previous year which saw an increase of only 3.5% from April to May. Organic conversions also increased by 77% compared to the previous month.

A significant increase in organic traffic to various merged landing pages was also seen. For example, traffic to the unified “private number plates” page increased by 740% in a month when compared to the combined traffic of the three individual pages it replaced during the previous month. Similarly, traffic to the “DVLA number plates” page was up 730% vs. the four individual pages it replaced.

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