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A Review of ‘Wordstream PPC Advisor’

PPC Management Tools

wordstream logoSo… we all know the standard Google tools used to effectively create, manage and optimise PPC campaigns, but there are a lot of tools out there other than Adwords, Analytics & Editor that are specifically designed to effectively enhance your PPC campaigns.

In the Custard office we are currently trialling Wordstream PPC Advisor and thought we would offer a brief overview of the product, highlighting what we found to be the most beneficial areas of use.

There are of course, all the standard functions you would expect from a PPC tool within Wordstream;

pound coins

  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Campaign Builder
  • Ad Group Builder
  • Management Segment with historical data

But do they make it cost effective??

Although these tools are supplemented with some impressive Smart Tools; Negative Keyword Tool, Ad Group Splitter, Recommend Keyword Bid Tool amongst others – none of these particularly warrant the spend.

Heralded as being able to offer –

wordstream - 40 hours

For us the money’s in Wordstream’s ability to save us time! As professional PPC Account Managers time is precious, so the key features we have found helpful in Wordstream are its 20 Minute Work Week & the Adwords Performance Grader which are centred around analysing your whole account in a short amount of time.

20 Minute Work Week

Wordstream’s 20 minute Work Week is a feature that offers suggestions on how best to optimise your campaign. This feature is very effective when campaigns are already set up and just need those little tweaks to perfect them.

They offer advice on –Wordstream - 20 Min Work

  • Negative Keyword
  • Optimising Keyword
  • BidsAdditional Keywords
  • Optimising Adverts
  • Reviewing Costly Keywords

We found this feature a really effective time management tool when used alongside established campaigns. It’s a great way to keep on top of the areas you need to continually optimise.


Adwords Performance Grader

Wordstream - account graderThere is an in-depth review of the Account Grader feature on SEOmoz, and on the whole, we tend to agree with their review – this feature does highlight some effective areas in which your account could be improved.


Wordstream - account grader metricsHowever… it is currently somewhat lacking in-depth analysis due to the fact accounts are grouped and ranked within cost boundaries, meaning campaigns with a spend of £15,000 are in the same boat as those with £999,999,999. Let’s be honest, this segment of accounts can’t be accurately rated against each other.

There is a free trial of Wordstream’s Account Grader which we think is worth running on your own account, but for us in the Custard office, Wordstream only warrants the spend if you run a large number of accounts and are looking for tools to help with your time management.

The Bottom Line 

The reason that PPC Managers spend so much time using Adwords, Analytics & Editor is because they provide vital tools and insight for the running of successful accounts. Wordstream is a great organisation tool when it comes to managing a large number of accounts, but if you only run a few smaller accounts we think Wordstream is an unnecessary additional cost.

Why not try the Free Account Grader trial and see how your PPC stacks up? What do you think of Wordstream? Do you need help or advice on improving your Accounts – Get in touch!

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