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What’s important to online shoppers?

What’s important to online shoppers?

Experts predict that digital sales will account for 45% of retailer’s revenue by 2014 and whatever your feelings on the death of the high street, there’s no denying the potent power of ecommerce.

To get a better idea of what’s important to those shopping on the internet – we delved into the issue with our own survey.

  •  No Dicing With Pricing

 One key finding was the significance of a clear pricing structure. Of those we polled, more than half claimed that they wouldn’t buy if delivery prices weren’t clear from the outset.

How important is it that the delivery charge is shown next to the price of the item on the product page?

  •   Content to Browse

Given the growing importance of content, we also examined where these shoppers liked to get their information from. An intriguing, but somewhat intuitive, finding that emerged was the weight they placed on the opinion of others.

Nearly 60% of respondents revealed they would rather get the low-down from user reviews, as opposed to the manufacturer’s product description (24%) or the website’s product information page (18%).

User reviews also trumped supporting information like return policies, payment options, delivery times and size guides.

When reading about a product, which of the following would you prefer to read?

  • A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

Our surveyed shoppers were certainly keen – and discerning – when it came to visual content on an ecommerce site. When browsing pictures, image quality was noted as an important factor to 66% of respondents.

The ability to view products from a range of angles came in a close second, with nearly half of those polled claiming that this feature played a significant role in their purchasing decisions.

Images are also of paramount importance when it comes to product information. A whopping 59% of those we queried wanted to see a combination of text and images. However, despite the growing popularity of online videos only 9% of respondents wanted these to feature alongside text content.

What is important to you when looking at product images?

  • Take-Aways

So what practical advice can we extract from these findings? Well, when it comes to running an ecommerce site you need to:

–          Be transparent about pricing – More than half of shoppers are put off by hidden delivery charges.

–          Implement user reviews – People trust the opinion of other shoppers over the retailer’s description or that of the manufacturer.

–          Provide quality images – Given how important it is to complement text with pictures, it’s well worth investing in professional photography to showcase your products in the best light possible.

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