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What Good is to a Social Media Agency? isn’t the world’s leading social network, neither is it a new kid on the block. In fact it’s been around for years, quietly providing a haven from the often-irritating worlds of Facebook and Twitter.

Avid users of and other social bookmarking sites enjoy a social network free from the usual ‘just had a sandwich’ Facebook status updates and auto-tweets from iPhone apps. The Digg network is almost exclusively used to share entertaining and informative content – two words that can’t always be used about Facebook and Twitter.

As a social media agency, Custard Media have a great relationship with the Digg community. Our clients often have something to shout about, with great online content and blog posts that wouldn’t be anything like as widely noticed if it wasn’t for social media.

The beauty of sites like Digg are that the users of the site are specifically looking for content shared by others to share with their online friends. They’re not there to see photos from the weekend or to keep track of what z-list celebrities are having for dinner. In this way, Digg is a more streamlined social media experience than it’s rivals.

From an SEO point of view, this ‘share & share alike’ culture that exists on Digg is great, as a successful social bookmarking campaign on the site can generate huge amounts of social links (which are becoming increasingly important to rankings with every algorithm update).

If a submission goes ‘popular’ and hits the front page of the site, the level of exposure can be astronomical, creating impressive and hugely beneficial spikes in traffic, raising brand awareness and making for some extremely happy clients.

If you have some great content that you’d like to share with the online world, or if you’d like Custard Media to come up with a great concept for a social campaign, get in touch today.

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