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What does Facebook Graph Search mean for your business?

So, the elusive Facebook Graph Search.
A while ago, Custard shared a post on our Facebook page asking whether something like this was actually on the cards. It turned out we were right (as is often the case) and on January 15th, we were all subject to the announcement of Facebook’s very own search capabilities.

Very exciting.
Ask people what they think of Facebook’s current search and most of the words involve the letters *#@!.
I, personally can’t find my own friends on Facebook when I’m already friends with them. Even when I type their actual full names in. So what hope would anybody have finding anybody else..? Ever?

Well, Facebook quite obviously did some market research, came back with their clipboards full of expletives and sat down for a long meeting.
“We need something to rival Google.” They must have thought. Did they succeed?

When Graph Search comes out of its beta stages and becomes available to the masses, it should be a pretty good start to the rivalry. And here’s why:

  • Graph Search is a ‘more advanced internal search’ – we might actually be able to find what we’re looking for within Facebook now!
    We’ll be able to search for everything within our own social graphs. Including people, places, photos and interests.
  • While Google is keyword based, Graph Search uses ‘natural language’ to help you find what you’re looking for.
    You type the way you speak. So for example, anybody looking for me could type “Photos of friends who have been to cocktail bars in Preston” in to the nice looking box at the top of the page and a lot of photos of my mush would pop up. A lot.


But enough about me, what will these changes to Facebook mean to you and your business? Well that’s quite exciting too as it happens. Graph Search will seemingly be quite rewarding to brands and businesses. But it’s important that your brand is ‘likeable’.

  • Now is a good time to start trying to increase the ‘likes’ on your Business Page. Graph Search is essentially about connections. So the more connected you are, the higher you’ll land in the search results.
  • As a local business, setting up a ‘Place Page’ would be the next step. These kind of local pages give users the ability to check in and like your page. Then they can comment on your overall excellent service or the amazing coffee they’ve just had with their toasted panini.

Graph Search is going to love recommendations so encouraging your users to leave feedback, ratings and testimonials will see your page whizz up the organic Facebook search rankings.
To learn how to merge your Business Page with a Place page, take a quick tutorial from the Facebook powers that be.


It seems that Facebook is making the art of social become even more social. And here at Custard, we’re fully prepared for everything the internet has to throw at us.
We’re more than interested in what the future of Graph Search means for your business, as well as ours. And we’re fully committed to maximizing your reach via Social Media!

What do you have in mind for Graph Search? There’s a world of possibilities out there! Keep us in the loop and we’ll definitely return the favour!

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