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What 2012 Trends Are Visible Worldwide For Online PR And Social Media?

In a recent blog post, a South African communications company called Gullan&Gullan revealed its top online PR and social media trends for the upcoming year.

The firm has reportedly noticed some interesting movements in its local initiatives and on a global scale and although the findings are from another country, they can be interpreted to the UK.

Here are the trends for 2012 and we have also added in some of our own tips and expertise…


Engaging with consumers

Any reputable digital marketing firm knows how beneficial social media marketing is. However, the focus is allegedly moving away from simply gaining likes, fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter; and instead interacting with consumers. It is useless to have a business profile that has a large fan base if the brand never engages.

Custard Media’s top tips to do this are;

  • Ask people to provide their own personal stories
  • Stay topical with latest events and news
  • Post competitions
  • Ask what people’s plans are for the weekend so you appear more human as opposed to commercial

Be on it regardless of the 9-5 working day

People are accessing the web at all hours of the day so a trend is to be on it and available 24/7. Conversations don’t stop just because work has finished at 5o’clock. It doesn’t mean that you need to be logged on at every single minute but you do need to be monitoring your social media profile at least a couple of times a day.

– Use a mix of online marketing techniques

Gullan&Gullan state that social media should be synchronised with web PR for the optimum profit. Here at Custard, we use an array of online marketing techniques including online PR, social media marketing services, content writing, search engine optimisation and pay-per-click. In our years of experience in the industry, it is by using a mix of methods and systems that you ultimately gain the biggest return on investment.


– Share quality content

So many consumers are online, interacting with each other and sharing funny and interesting content that there are millions available on the web. For this reason, only quality content is being passed on. It is important therefore that you publish creative, unique content that can be socially bookmarked and attracts thousands of views.

Smartphone technology

We recently reported how more and more consumers are using mobile phone technology to view content and go online. So it is key that your website and your social media profile can be viewed via a mobile phone display and that strategies are adjusted to include apps and instant messaging.

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