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Vary Anchor Text to Reduce the Risk of Link Building

After a couple of extremely short weeks involving the Custard Media team frantically catching up, it was finally time to get back to what we do week in, week out – looking for ways to improve the service we provide to our clients.

Link Building – Varied Anchor Text

This week our link building efforts fell under the spotlight. We at Custard are very proud of the rankings we’ve acheived for our clients and efficient, successful link building has been a major part of that.

We can always do more though, and after a bit of digging around we came up with two areas of focus:

1) Link Building using varied anchor text

One of the best pieces of SEO advice I’ve ever been given was to “think like Google”. If I was Google and I saw 100 links coming into Custard Media from various sources, I might be impressed and think, “This site is clearly excellent. I’m going to rank it. But wait… every link has the same anchor text: ‘SEO Agency’. That doesn’t seem very natural to me… They’re trying to manipulate my results!”

This is exactly what Google does. The company’s mission is to organise the world’s information and put the most relevant sources at the top of the pile, not to reward those who have done the best SEO. Therefore Google is looking for help from people around the internet who ‘recommend’ other sites by adding a link from their own.

But when natural linking occurs, people just don’t magically use your targeted keywords. Irritating, I know. Google knows this and looks for this natural variation. If it isn’t there, all the optimised, one-way, high pagerank links in the world won’t fool Google into believing your impressive link profile isn’t the result of an SEO campaign, and rankings will suffer as a result.

Therefore Custard have put increased focus on varying anchor texts. Our customers are ranking well, but we want them to rank even better. Take the example below, again using Custard Media to illustrate how to vary anchor text:

Link Building with Varied Anchor Text Links

SEO Preston is a great keyword for us, but only optimising for a single phrase would look suspicious and unnatural. Varying the anchor text – even going so far as to throw in the odd terrible phrase like ‘click here’ – gives us a much more natural link profile.

2) Optimising for the longtail in Link Building

A similar technique to the above, expanding the phrase SEO Preston into a number of longer terms containing the core keyword allows us not only to appear more natural, but also to rank for a broader range of related keywords:

As well as [Preston SEO] the above technique allows us to rank for [SEO services], [SEO Agency], [Custard Media] and [Custard Media Preston]. Crucially though, it also makes the link profile for our site look much more natural when Google decides whether or not to rank our site for [Preston SEO].

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Or in this case, in the Googling. Fire off a query for [SEO Preston] and there we are – Google number one.

This is just one of the link building techniques that sets Custard Media apart from the competition – to see how we can make link building work for your business contact us today.

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