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Using Google Suggests for SEO

The Google Suggestions tool has been around for a while now and I think everyone agrees it’s one of Google’s better innovations. Certainly in the Custard Media office, allowing users to type a few letters and search the whole term saves valuable time in a busy SEO company where seconds count!

There are plenty of examples around the net where Google throws up some bizarre and often amusing suggestions for the most innocent of searches, but as well as providing a few giggles, Google Suggestions can be a fantastic tool for SEO.

There are many keyword tools out there, but Google Suggests can be a great way to optimise for longtail phrases. We already know that the suggestions are based largely on user data, so typing your keywords into google can open up a lot of possibilities when it comes to optimising for the longtail.

For example (random keyword selected by asking @AdamJSnape to name the first word that came into his head):
Google Suggestions
These suggestions are perfect for anyone looking to optimise a site selling gazebos and gazebo-related paraphernalia. We now know that people search for gazebo covers and gazebo kits, amongst other things. Turning to @emmagibson for a more useful example, we can see that the technique works even better with other keywords:
Google Suggestions
So we can see that anyone looking to optimise a site selling necklaces should be optimising for necklaces for men, necklaces for women and necklaces for couples… Providing of course all these are available on the site.

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