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The Ultimate Guide To Using Reddit For Content Promotion

Being one of the largest online communities, Reddit can be a minefield for a marketer to navigate. However, once your business has nailed exactly how the endless number of subreddits, upvotes and even exclusive slang works on the site, it can be a goldmine for marketers to distribute their content – and ensure that it gets the coverage it deserves.

Before beginning to post on Reddit, it’s important to understand the concept behind it and the reason why it’s so popular.

The social bookmarking platform is home to almost any kind of community you can think of, from /r/rubberducks to /r/wildlifephotography. Each subreddit is almost like a category where everything that may interest people who love that theme is placed. Content marketers can get to know these subreddits and use them to have a huge influence on their website traffic when used effectively.

However, there are a few factors that can affect the results you get from posting content on Reddit, including:

When is the best time to post?

Learning to know when the best time of day to post on social media is key to making your post a success, and Reddit is no different. After all, there isn’t really much point in publishing something when people aren’t online to view it!

Reddit users are predominantly based in the US, hence why the best times to publish content on the site reflect an American’s day-to-day routine. According to Inverse, Reddit users are most active in the early morning; perhaps when they’re getting ready for work. Around 7am is when traction starts to build up on some of the most popular subreddits, and then dips at 5pm in the evening.

peak time to post on reddit

Sadly for us British users, that means our content may have the best success if it’s posted later in the day! However, you can use tools like RedditLater to see when the best time of day to post is as well as using it to schedule your posts for later in the day.

When is the best day to post?

Generally speaking, the best day to post on Reddit is similar to the general pattern of internet usage. In most cases, the days with larger internet usage are between Monday – Thursday when most people have access to the computer.

peak time to post on reddit

There are more posts distributed on a Thursday than any other day of the week –


That being said, the best time to post your content pieces can depend on the subreddit you’re posting on. If it’s a piece about a hobby that is mainly done on the weekend, take this into account when posting.

The size of subreddits

Once you’ve opened the Reddit account, you may want to start with assessing which subreddits are relevant (and useful) to your business. Reddit is all about sharing valuable content to people within that community, so you’ll want to spend some time thinking about the relevance of your article or post within a specific subreddit.

The best way to ‘get to know’ the subreddits you’re thinking about posting in my regularly interacting with that community. Comment on the posts you see and take some time to review what type of content works well with the audience. If you notice that a news article is the most popular type of content within a subreddit, it might not be the best place to add your business’ blog post.

Once you’ve decided on the subreddit/s that you think your business is most suited to, it may be worthwhile to assess the size of that community. The bigger the subreddit; the more people there are that have the chance of viewing your content.

Consider what is more important to your business through what you’re submitting. Are you looking for a high volume of traffic to read your blog post, or are you looking for people with a specific interest or career to view your content? If it’s the latter, you might want to opt for a smaller subreddit that is for a more niche market.

Sometimes your topic might be too specific or the subreddit might be underused, in which case you could be better off posting to a broader community. For example, if you have an eCommerce question, you might prefer to ask the 36,000 members of the /r/SEO subreddit than limit your reach to the 11,000 /r/eCommerce users.

You can view the size of a subreddit on the right-hand column, as shown below:

number of users reddit

Account quality

Wondering what the numbers shown beside a person’s username actually mean? It’s called karma, and many Reddit users use the metric to determine the quality of your account. Karma reflects how valuable you are to the community. The higher your ‘karma’ number; the more you’ll be heard by the people using Reddit.

There are two types of karma used by Reddit: link and comment.

Link karma is (as the name suggests) based on the quality of links you submit across all subreddits from your account, whereas comment karma is based on the quality of comments/post replies that you leave. Usually, accounts with high link karma are seen to be the best.

The algorithm used to calculate your link karma is hidden and unlike people expect, one upvote might not always exactly equal one karma.

It’s also possible to receive negative karma. This happens when your content receives more downvotes than upvotes, and will indicate that your account isn’t very trustworthy or valuable to the community. Spam accounts are often associated with negative link karma.

Text vs. Link posts

There are two types of content that you can post on Reddit: text and link posts. The one that your business should use depends on both the type of content you have, and the technique you want to use to entice a user to read it.

If you want to discuss a certain topic – and the main aim of submitting it isn’t solely to drive traffic back to your website – you can submit a text post to your desired subreddit. When doing this, you’ll have the option to write whatever you want and make it visible to other people who may be interested in it.

Depending on your subreddit of choice, it might be against the rules to post external links.

When submitting a text post to Reddit, you have the option to add links within your main body of text. However, it’s important to note that text posts do not generate karma, no matter how many upvotes it receives.

However, when submitting a link post to Reddit, you have the opportunity to build up your level of link karma. You must enter the URL of the content you’re looking to promote, add a title (make sure it’s click-worthy!), and check that the subreddit is suitable.

As you can see, there are a number of factors to consider when it comes to marketing your business on Reddit. If you’re not sure where to start, let us by providing you with excellent content marketing to build great quality links.

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