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Twitter Tips: why @BetfairPoker are getting it right

A billion tweets are submitted every 2-3 days by more than 140 million active Twits.  As a social arena, Twitter can be insightful, informative and quite perversely enjoyable, as we unashamedly pour over up to-the-minute details of others’ existence.

But for every Tweet we find ourselves glad to have read, there must be at least ten that we could have done without the ill-fate to stumble upon.  Though admittedly personally compelled to sift through dross snippets of insignificant others’ lives (I’m looking at you, Helen Flanagan), one arena that really can’t get away with spouting the inane, is the corporate sphere.

An avid Twit for some time now, I myself have been subjected to a wealth of ill-executed rubbish, generated it would seem, because ‘Sharon in Marketing’ felt it was about time.

Pleasantries about the weather, shout-outs to ‘lovely followers’ or snaps of what the team are having for lunch is all very well.  But is this really what the People want?  Or could it be that they’re crying out for something funny, unpredictable and frankly, insane?

Well, yes it could.

Take a bow @BetfairPoker, you utter delight.

What they do?

Refreshingly unexpected, Betfair Poker treat their followers to such irreverent musings as:

So blatent and determined are they in their avoidance of anything remotely poker-related, the Betfair persona reels in its target audience by offering them content that they actually want to connect with.  And pushing 25,000 followers at time of writing, you can bet your bottom dollar that the account is generating a nice word-of-mouth response.

How can this success be imitated?

Don’t be afraid to be cavalier.

When the audience you’re trying to reach is duelling with a bombardment of information online, the question is: how can you get your content noticed?

The trick is to give your followers something they aren’t getting elsewhere.  Ok, Betfair’s bereft accounts employee may not be to everyone’s taste, but the chances are his inane ramblings will leave you stifling sniggers behind your computer screen.  And stifled sniggering leads to sharing.

Whilst Betfair lead the parade, others are beginning to join the fun too. @WaterstonesOxfordSt and @ArenaFlowers, are both doing a fine job of thinking outside the 140-character box and treating their followers to a little daily brilliance.

Here at Custard, we believe that quality content is all about looking at ways to take a fresh and innovative approach.  The purpose of content marketing is to engage the audience first and foremost.  Generate conversation, pique interest, and give people something to share with their mate, Gary.  Then they won’t mind when you slip in a cheeky reference to your excellent current promotion on fish.

What do you think? Are there any other Twits out there worth their weight in gold?

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