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Top 5 Tips to Help Your Site Convert

With so much information flying around about new online marketing and PR techniques these days it’s easy to forget why most businesses have a website in the first place – conversions.

The internet is full of promises from so-called experts who guarantee to get more visitors to your site, but if those visitors don’t convert, then what’s the point? Here is the Custard Media guide to turning visitors into customers.

1)      Always think like a new visitor – if you imagine seeing your site for the first time, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is it clear what this business does?
  • Is it easy to navigate to different areas of the site?
  • It is obvious how to get in touch with them?

2)      Fulfil your promises – if a link says ‘mp3 players’, anyone clicking the link will expect to see mp3 players, so make sure the landing page delivers what the link has promised. If the page is populated with general electrical or audio equipment, or asks the user to click another link to get to the mp3 players, this is just another reason for someone to take their business elsewhere.

3)      Build trust – the internet is full of unscrupulous sites and empty promises – so make sure that a new visitor can see that you’re different. Reviews (even bad ones) prove to a user that your product or service is legitimate and not a scam – and you always have the right to reply and show how much you care about that negative customer experience.

4)      Don’t optimise for what you can’t deliver! – It sounds obvious, but it’s amazing how many people will optimise for keywords that are nothing to do with their service, just to get visitors. There’s no point getting millions of visitors for ‘shoes’ when all you sell is shoelaces – your visitors just won’t convert.

5)      Monitor your site – If a certain product or service is attracting lots of visitors but not resulting in enquiries or sales, analytics can show this, helping you see which areas of the site need work or even which categories to abandon altogether.

Remember – visitors don’t make money, conversions do! For advice on how leading SEO Preston agency Custard Media can improve your conversion rate, get in touch at or call 01772 781830

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