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Top 5 SEO Tips from the A4U Expo 2011

Myself and Matt B today arrived back from the A4U Expo in London, full to the brim with exciting new ideas to improve the SEO services we provide for our clients.

While we like to consider ourselves experts in the field, we’re always looking for new ideas and new techniques to help our clients make the most of their online marketing efforts.

So when we were asked to head down to the event, we couldn’t wait to get our thinking caps on and start using all this new information to increase the value of our SEO solutions.

So here it is – the top 5 SEO tips from the last couple of days.

5. Google are taking page load speed seriously

Previously thought of as only a minor ranking factor, it seems that page load speed might just be a bigger deal than many of us thought.

Martin McDonald of OMD suggested that webmasters compare their page load speed with competitor sites – something that didn’t go unnoticed by attendees:

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4. Content – if you wouldn’t say it face-to-face, don’t say it on your site

Great SEO content writing tips from the debate panel. The comment below was tweeted by lots of attendees who picked up on the message: you should speak to your audience on your site as you would face-to-face.

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There’s no stats or science behind this one, just pure theory. It is however, one of those things that when you hear it, you kick yourself for not thinking of it already. Why use the kind of sales talk on your website that you’d be too embarrassed to use in real life?


3. Competitor analysis – go past the first step

It’s so easy (and lazy) to look at competitors’ backlinks and approach each site for a link. Taking it to the next level means finding a related site, then finding all the sites related to that site – dozens of relevant link prospects.

This is done with a relatively little-known (until now) search query. Enter into Google and the result is a list of sites that Google deems relevant to that domain – which multiplies your link prospects to the nth degree.

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2. Original content should dominate your page

Google’s Panda update penalised pages with ‘thin’ content – which includes pages with low levels of original, related content. Content should outweigh your header, footer, sidebars, ads and any other templated content when looking at page as a whole.

Even the Expo’s official Twitter got on top of this one. It was mentioned in the ‘Google Signals’ seminar and later confirmed face-to-face. I managed to grab a couple of minutes with Razvan Gavrilas of CognitiveSEO, one of the world’s top search experts, who told me that if 50% of a webpage was occupied by unique content, he still wouldn’t consider this enough.

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1. 2012 is the ‘year of mobile’

No doubt what was the hot topic of the event. The word ‘mobile’ was mentioned every 4.3 seconds at the Expo. Our new friend Fiona from Big Mouth Media kindly provided a multitude of stats, including this little beauty:

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The SEO community is jumping on the rise of mobile search by providing mobile-friendly versions of websites, with 13% of UK retail searches being performed on mobile devices, you can see why. If you’re not offering a mobile version of your site, you’re missing out on a ton of online revenue.

What can Custard Media do to help?

  • Optimise page load speed
  • Provide original, engaging onsite content
  • Perform comprehensive competitor analysis to find great link prospects
  • Develop a mobile-friendly version of any site

If you’re interested in improving your SEO, we’d love to hear from you. As you can see, we have the latest information from the people who know best, so contact Custard Media today and let us improve your online performance.

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