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Top 5 Essential WordPress Plugins

When setting up a website there are a number of questions you need to ask. What is the purpose of the site? How much will it cost to run? How easy is it going to be to maintain?

Wordpress Plugins

WordPress plugins can do pretty much anything….

Thanks to the invention of open source content management systems like WordPress, all you need to worry about is what you want to put on the site.

There are currently 56,892,074 WordPress sites scattered across the internet with approximately 500,000 new posts on average each day and almost 300 million viewers each month. It is the most widely used blogging platform available and even though there are millions of users it is easy to make a site that is fit to your individual needs thanks to a large number of website templates and plugins.

Here are the top 5 plugins that I would deem essential for any new WordPress set up.



The Akismet plugin comes pre-installed on every WordPress site. It is a spam filter which checks all comments your site receives and places any comments it deems as suspicious in a spam folder for your approval.


Bulletproof Security

The Bulletproof Security plugin is a more in-depth security plugin than Akismet. Whereas Akismet focuses on spam, Bulletproof Security was made to protect your website from hacking attempts allowing you to secure your site with a few clicks in the WordPress Dashboard.


All In One SEO Pack

This plugin allows you to easily edit notoriously difficult elements of your WordPress site to help optimise your site for Search Engines and make it more clear to visitors what the site is about.



Since the rising popularity of sites like Facebook and Twitter there have been loads of plugins available to submit your links to various social bookmarking sites, however I find that SexyBookmarks is the best due to the vast collection of bookmarking buttons for sites not available in similar plugins.


Related Posts Thumbnails

The Related Posts Thumbnails plugin is a customisable plugin that displays thumbnails for posts in related categories and tags to help people find what they are looking for and also in an attempt to get people to click through to over pages on your website.


Of course, if you plan on using a WordPress site for business you should consider having the site designed combining the easy to use content management system with a professional looking website that does exactly what you want it to. A number of large businesses such as TechCrunch and CNN have WordPress sites and Custard Media can help you to set one up too using their years of experience as an SEO Agency to make sure it’s a successful site.

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