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Top 10 Google Places Tactics for 2012

If you’re ranking in Google Places, your phone will already be ringing. If not, someone else is getting all YOUR business!

Only seven businesses can rank in Google Places. With such a small number of listings available, it’s vital to get your Google Places optimisation absolutely right.

On Friday Custard Media’s Google Places guru Rick wrote a post about how to get the best out of Google Places, but thanks to an excellent webinar from top online marketing consultant David Sprague we now have even more top local SEO tips!

Here’s how to ensure that your business makes the most of local SEO through Google Places.


#1 Wherever your business is mentioned on your own site or on the web (including your Google Places listing), keep your business name, address, telephone number etc the same to the letter. This will help Google recognise that your business is being referenced online.

On-page optimisation

#2 When creating your listing, make sure the top 5 keywords in the ‘categories’ section, the keywords in your header tag, the citation, your opening hours and all other information on the page match up exactly with your website’s contact/about us page. Mirror your off-page/on-page perfectly.

Local Directories

#3 Claim your listings on Bing, Yahoo, Yell etc – Google Places points to local directories, which point to your website, which should mirror your Google Places listing. These all need to be relative.


#4 Create around five YouTube videos and add them to your Google Places listing. On YouTube itself, include keywords, citation etc and a link to your Google Places listing.


#5 If you use a coupon, add the correct keywords to ensure relevance.

#6 Good or bad reviews add ‘words on a page’ which is what Google is looking for. Encourage customers to add reviews, maybe by offering a discount voucher?


#7 Use Flickr, Photobucket etc. – use images that advertise the business like offers (Google’s instant preview is putting up pics as the preview for Google Places listings – they’re like mini billboards so use them to advertise!)

#8 Use keywords in alt tags & change the image name to your exact keyword before you upload it. Google will soon let you link to images on Photobucket etc but at the moment images have to be uploaded manually.

Link Building

Obviously, your website needs to have good off-page optimisation – in other words you need to have relevant backlinks.

#9 Backlinking your Google Places page is not important at all except to help Google find you. If you want to build links, copy everything in the URL before the & – then build links using this URL to let Google find you.

#10 Backlink your listings on directories, as well as your videos.

And that’s it! 10 great ways to improve your Google Places performance. If you’re interested in how Custard Media can help you rank in Google Places, get in touch today.

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