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The Power of #foodporn (behave)

If there’s one single thing that I enjoy more in life than shoes, it’s food.
Nigella can count herself as one of my favourite people ever, and I spent at least one of my formative years convinced that Jamie Oliver would be my future husband.
So when I heard about clever restaurants using Instagram to advertise their menus, and it brought two of my favourite things in the world (trendy social media platform + scran) together as one tasty social entity, I immediately had to bake a cake and stand on a chair to take a photo.

Let’s start from the very beginning shall we?

“It was a warm summer evening in ancient Greece…”

By now class, we should all be familiar with the common hashtag.

If not, here is a brief Twitter hashtag history (in 140 characters obviously).







With 140 million users sending over 400 million tweets a day, the need for a tool to bring order to all the information flying about with reckless abandon is obviously huge.
Hence our simple hashtag.
Twitter users need only type in their preferred search term or click on the lovely little link that Twitter helpfully provides, and off they trot to a neat little homepage dedicated solely to their search. Piece of cake. ….mmmmcake.

Instagram introduced a similar feature in January and brands quickly hopped on board, inventing their own ‘hashtag home pages’ and allowing users to collect groups of photos together in albums accessible through the search bar or clicking links.

I know what you’re thinking. Naughty, filthy, sexy… plates of creamy carbonara.

Well then you’re a filthbag and are definitely perusing the wrong website.
60% of the time, we’re good clean fun every time here at Custard.

Food Porn is a global phenomenon of extreme proportions. With websites, Twitter and Tumblr accounts, blogs and Instagram feeds totally dedicated to making you hungry all day every day, I really don’t see how you could have avoided #foodporn for this long.






“If the casserole is missionary style, foodporn takes its devotees into the foodie kama sutra.”
The Skinny Gourmet

You’ve probably noticed people in restaurants standing on their heads or hanging from the ceiling in an attempt to get a good angle on whatever has just been delivered to their table. Whether it’s a gourmet nouvelle cuisine delight or a filthy hangover burger, we just can’t help but boast about it and share it with our social buddies.

So with all these sexy, tasty photos lying around, it didn’t take long for a clever New York eatery to take their menu recommendations to the next level.

The Instagram Menu
Knowing that their average customer has likely ventured out for dinner with a smartphone in their pocket or handbag, it’s not particularly shocking that savvy restaurants are starting to sit up and listen.

You can already order your meal on your iPhone before you even arrive at your destination, and now Comodo, a Latin-American inspired restaurant in New York, is encouraging customers to dine and share their photos under the tag #comodonyc on Instagram.
This in turn serves as a completely online crowdsourced menu, full of trendy photos of Comodo’s best meals. This ‘menu’ advertises the restaurant across the social platform, hopefully attracting more custom and praising every dish that is on offer.

See a little more about it here…


What Comodo has managed to do is harness existing social media activity to their advantage by encouraging food lovers to do what they do best while advertising their tantalising menu.

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