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The Google Panda Update: Quality Content Writing

As Matt explained in his blog post yesterday, the infamous Google Panda Update caused quite a stir in the SEO industry and six months on from the update it still aims to clean up its search engine and reduce the number of low quality websites indexing.

The algorithm was initially focused on removing content farms and spam-based sites thus increasing the overall quality of websites. And a key element to implement to make Panda work for your business is high-quality, in-depth and relevant content.


Engaging, quality content writing has been a standard SEO practise for Custard Media since we began as we understand that content is key to succeed but it is more important now than ever if you want to rank highly in Google for competitively searched keywords.

Having worthy content not only improves the SEO for Google but it also develops the credibility of a website to a consumer and therefore your conversion rate. Duplicating content will only harm a website as Google will pick it up as spam which is why our team of in-house UK journalists can produce a range of content including blog writing, website content, link bait articles and press releases.

Want your site to be judged as top value? Aim for quality, not quantity as you cannot expect to rank well with poorly written or thin content. Our talented and experienced content writers can produce this quality content, so if your site was hit by the Google Panda then we can rectify the problem and help you gain maximum positive exposure.


It’s not just Google who are jumping on board the ‘quality content’ bad wagon; in July last year YouTube announced that it will be sponsoring higher quality content and supporting ultra-high quality digital video as part of its grants program to pay for better content.

And social media platforms are filtering out quality content too with the fact that people are more likely to share quality content such as news or opinion pieces as opposed to just reading gossip.

Here at Custard Media we know what works- content wise- and even more crucially we know how to optimise it; so contact us today to enquire about our content writing services!

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