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The Effects on SEO From the Google Panda Update [Infographic]

Google has been on the prowl over recent months in an attempt to clean up its search engine. Before the infamous Google Panda Update there were a number of sites ranking in top positions that were there from low quality link building activities.

Further from Kaleigh’s post in August, 6 months on from the first roll out of the update, we have designed an infographic that outlines what the update has targeted over recent months and we have outlined what elements the algorithm has looked at to decide what is a good quality website and what is a low quality website. We have also put together a timeline for you so you can see if this matches up with the time your website lost its positions.

If you think your website was hit by Google’s Panda Update then fear not, we have outlined some possible ways in which you can make Panda work for you.

How Has The Panda Update Affected Search Engine Optimisation?

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