Technical SEO

Comprehensive Technical Optimisation

From blocking access to pages you don’t want indexed to structuring your website for optimal search engine rankings, our technical SEO services help search engines access and display your website’s content effectively.

Our expert search engine optimisation team has extensive experience working with a range of content management systems, letting us structure your website for search visibility and great rankings.


Comprehensive technical optimisation, from structure to links

A huge range of on-page factors go into your website’s search engine rankings. Many of these factors are unseen, ranging from the structure of your website to the use of canonical tags to differentiate pages with similar content.

From blocking private pages from being crawled and indexed by search engines to improving the structure of your website to improve page visibility, our expert team can carry out a full technical SEO analysis and optimisation of your website.

Our search engine optimisation process is completely transparent. We’ll keep you up to speed with the changes we’re making to your website as we work, making it easy for you to see the benefits of our technical search engine optimisation.


From WordPress to Magento, we specialise in optimising CMSes

Does your website use a content management system like WordPress? Our expert SEO team knows content management systems from the inside out, letting us make the important changes required to your website to improve its search visibility.

From changing the structure of your URLs to improve keyword usage to preventing duplicate content from affecting your search engine rankings, we’ll make sure your CMS is configured and customised for optimal search engine exposure.

Small factors can often have big effects on your website’s rankings. Our technical search team can review, adjust and optimise your website to make sure it gets the rankings and traffic it needs to fuel your business’s growth.

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