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Comprehensive Technical Optimisation

From blocking access to pages you don’t want indexed to structuring your website for optimal search engine rankings, our technical SEO service ensures that your website is configured for optimal search engine performance based on current best practice.

Our expert team has worked on hundreds of sites, with URL counts ranging from a few dozen to literally millions of unique pages. Our varied portfolio of work includes multi-national, multi-language and multi-platform sites.

What is technical SEO?

A huge range of on-page factors go into determining your website’s search engine rankings. Many of these factors are unseen, ranging from the internal linking structure of your website, indexing configuration (factors such as robots.txt, robots meta tags and use of x-robots-tag header) and how canonical tags have been deployed to ensure only the definitive version of your content is indexed.

We advise on throttling and controlling not only indexing, but also the crawl profile of your site – ensuring that Google doesn’t spend any of the precious crawl budget allocated to your site on content which is of insufficient quality or relevance.

As part of the on-boarding process, our expert team carries out a comprehensive technical audit of your site which helps to define a roadmap of activity for the rest of the campaign.

Our take a slightly different approach from that of your average SEO agency, in that we operate transparently and enjoy sharing our knowledge. We’ll keep you updated as we work, making it easy for you to understand the reasoning behind our recommendations, and to build confidence in the benefits of implementing the findings of our technical SEO analysis.

Regular housekeeping activities help ensure that emerging issues are quickly identified and timely advice is provided to help mitigate any impact.

Will technical SEO work on my site?

Does your website use a content management system or is it completely bespoke? Although Custard doesn’t provide hands-on web design or development services, our staff used to. Our expert SEO knowledge is rooted in years of designing and building high volume ecommerce sites and bespoke web applications. That means we know content management systems and website architecture from the inside out, which helps us to make informed decisions on the prioritisation of the alterations required to your website to help improve its search visibility.

From devising an intelligent information hierarchy, changing the structure of your URLs and supporting this with a logical breadcrumb hierarchy, to eliminating keyword cannibalisation issues and preventing duplicate content from affecting your search engine rankings, we’ll make sure your site is configured and customised for optimal search engine exposure regardless of your choice of CMS and the specifics of your implementation.

Small factors can often have big effects on your website’s rankings. Our technical search team can review, adjust and optimise every aspect of your website to make sure it gets the rankings and traffic it needs to fuel your business’s growth. We take into account areas which simply aren’t in the thought space of competing agencies. For example, what is your current strategy with regards to optimisation for image search? That’s what we thought.

We have a particular appetite for complex, legacy websites. Those which have had little love from an organic search point of view, and are desperately in need of direction. We can help you untangle and thrive.

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