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Survey Shows That More Consumers Are Turning To Smartphones To View Content

Consumers are rapidly turning to electronic devices such as tablet computers and smartphones to view content, according to a recent survey.

Findings by Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, reveal that more users are using online services and that 44% of those surveyed stream media content to their smartphone or tablet.

The 2012 Global Consumer Electronics Products and Services Usage Report showed that 56% have changed their behaviour as a result of online services; and 25% admit to sharing more personal content with family and friends.


The study, which involved 10,000 people being surveyed from the US, Sweden, South Africa, Russia, Japan, India, Germany, France, China and Brazil, concluded that the battle for consumers’ eyeballs and time is intensifying as viewership continues to disperse.

More than half of the survey respondents owned a smartphone, which is a rise from 28% in 2010. So as consumers increasingly use other electronic devices in their daily lives to access media content, target your business online too.

Top tips include;

-Meet the audience on the platform that they regularly converse in and get your brand noticed with unique content. It seems trivial trying to get your firm noted where there are no onlookers; follow the latest technological trends and social networking sites.

– Increase traffic to your website with engaging content in the form on blogs, press releases and linkbaits. Entice consumers to your brand with tips, quirky stories, topical news and Top 10 pieces.

– Employ an expert digital marketing agency with a vast experience of in-house writers to produce quality online content writing.  

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