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Stuck For Ideas? Content Writing Tips

Have you ever started writing a blog post, press release or link building article and been completely stuck for ideas? No matter how much experience someone has in writing for online, there are still times when even trained writers struggle to think of a topic to cover.

It is important that content is creative and unique. It is pointless to simple rehash a news story from a week ago that is out of date and no longer relevant. The endless sources of information on the web provide countless opportunities for original, engaging content so there should never be an excuse for not writing quality pieces of work.

Here are Custard Media’s top tips on content writing ideas:


Are there any special national days coming soon that you can relate to? The Olympics, the Jubilee, spring in general? Write content specifically related to this and the chances are that people will type into Google these search terms on the days and come to your site for information. Here is a great source of fun dedicated days:


Everyone loves a good fact and what better way to write up-to-date content than using recently published studies and research from authoritative sources. You can stay informed on industry news with Google Alerts, and a great site for polls is YouGov as well as ONS.


There is nothing wrong with seeing a piece of work by someone and wanting to use it yourself. The key is to adapt on it rather than repeat it. Build on the work, make it your own and offer analysis and opinion. Don’t be afraid of causing a debate- it’s great for interactivity!

Less PR

As important as it is for SEO purposes and online marketing to mention the business’s brand, it isn’t the ‘bee all and end all’. Don’t rush into force feeding the reader PR nonsense- stay away from public relations drab and concentrate solely on newsworthy content. This is of course if you aren’t talking about the brand’s new products or services in which case it is unavoidable.

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