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Social Media’s Impact on TV Watching

In a recent blog post we discussed how beneficial social media marketing is and expressed that it is one of the upcoming key trends for 2012. Businesses can reap the tons of advantages available by engaging with customers via their Facebook page and Twitter profile.

And a recent study by the TV Licensing firm cements this view as it found that social networking sites like Twitter are changing Briton’s viewing habits.

The survey revealed that the online platform is influencing television watching and that 25% of adults surveyed use social networks to natter to their pals about what they are watching. Interestingly, one in six people under the age of 35 years-old switch onto shows like Take Me Out and the X Factor simply because of the online buzz that has been created.

Below is an infograph indicating the number of tweets about certain television programmes and it shows how certain shows are generating huge amounts of interactivity. Now given the results are in their hundreds of thousands because they are in the public domain and on hot subject matters, but your business can attract just as much interest.

By putting your business out there to enable audiences to engage with it, you too can boost brand awareness and sales.

Television Infographic - What Drives Social Network ChatSource:


Further findings divulged how smartphone technology is also affecting viewing habits. 28% of adults surveyed under 35-years-old admitted to watching TV on a mobile device at a place and time in which they shouldn’t be. And according to the research, the average home in Britain owns a laptop or tablet, 2.3 TV sets, and a smart phone, which are all used to watch favourite programmes.

What is more, four out of ten households have huddled around a smartphone and one in ten has used a tablet to watch shows.

Television Infographic - New Technology In The HomeSource:


So with more and more Brits turning to mobile technology to watch TV and go on the internet, make sure that your business has a presence online too with Custard Media; the expert social media marketing agency.

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