Get amongst the memes, food photos, and status updates with social media marketing that puts your business on potential customers’ timelines

Social media is a part of life now.

In fact, it might be a bigger part of life than you think, with estimates that the average social media user will spend 5 years and 4 months over their lifetime scrolling through their social media feeds.

The potential benefits of being a constant presence in those feeds don’t need explaining. We can manage your paid social campaigns to target the people most likely to convert, broadening your advertising strategy and taking advantage of one of the biggest current digital marketing opportunities.

Paid Social Platforms

There are lots of social media platforms out there but knowing which ones make sense to advertise your business on is an important part of social media marketing strategy.


Facebook is the biggest social media platform out there, with 2.23 billion monthly active users. It’s made for advertising B2C products and services, with hyper-specific audience targeting tools on Facebook Ads that let you put your ads in front of the right users. Facebook is ideal if you’re looking for laser-targeted, high ROI campaigns.


Twitter is another social media platform that’s been adopted by businesses around the world, with 335 million regular users making it another great opportunity to reach potential customers. Ads are interest based and can be pushed in front of users who Twitter knows like a certain trend, topic, or product for effective targeting.


With over 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is fast becoming another essential platform for advertising. Its visual nature makes it perfect for advertising products with visual appeal, like clothes or homeware, and it’s got a broad user base. You can also now shop directly from within the Instagram app, cutting steps out of the journey to conversion.


The world’s largest professional network with around 300 million users – LinkedIn is the home of all things B2B when it comes to social media marketing. They also have targeted paid ads meaning you’re able to get your marketing campaigns in front of people with specific job titles or in specific industries.


Pinterest is another image-heavy creative hub, but it’s got a commercial underbelly with 90% of users saying Pinterest helps them to decide what to purchase. If your business sells products that can be marketed through inspirational content, Pinterest’s 250 million users could be the perfect group to target for effective social media marketing.

Boost Your Social Presence With Paid Social

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