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How to Review Progress and Measure ROI With a Social Media Audit

The majority of business owners out there understand the importance of running at least one social media account. Among other things, having an active social media profile allows you to interact directly with your customers, increase brand awareness and even conduct a little bit of free advertising.

But once you’ve set up your business page, what’s next? How do you know if your Twitter or your Facebook page is performing well? Is social posting a good use of your company’s time and money?

To find out you’ll need to spend some time evaluating the work put in, the post below explains

What is a social media audit?
Why should I conduct a social media audit?
How to perform a social media audit
The Best Free Social Media Auditing Tools

What is a social media audit?

A social media audit is an exercise which should be conducted (in some form) around once a month. It involves scrutinising your social channels, evaluating things such as your follower/likes, demographics and numbers, your posting habits and your engagement rates.

We conduct a thorough social audit for each of our new social media clients, looking at all the aspects mentioned above and delving into other areas such as website traffic, follower geography, hashtag performance and impression rate.

After we’ve implemented any improvements suggested by our social audit, we’ll continue to monitor our clients’ social performances once a month and evaluate how our techniques are working out.


Why should I conduct a social media audit?

Some marketing people will tell you that if your business isn’t on social media, you’re missing out on revenue. But while you’re certain to reach a large number of people, they’re not necessarily your target audience.

Conducting a social media audit can show you if Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social platforms are a good use of your business’ time and money.

Investing thousands of pounds into content writing and monitoring services every month means nothing if you don’t know how its improving your business!

Auditing your social media activity also lets you improve and evolve your social strategy. When you delve into your follower demographics and analyse how your customers behave on social media, you can adapt your approach to catch your audience’s eye.

For example, if your target market is women over the age of 30 who have children, you can identify how many of your page fans are currently in this demographic and evolve your content strategy to fit them, while creating new content to attract other users with similar interests.


How to perform a social media audit

There are lots of different ways you can carry out a social audit, and there are even more pieces of software to help you do it.

The best place to start is by creating your own audit template.

The basic things to record are your profile information and log in details, your follower/page fan count, how often you post your content, your referral traffic and your engagement rate.

Sprout Social has written a great article on how to conduct a social audit and how to create a checklist template.

Now you know what you want to record, you have to choose how you will record and analyse it. There are several paid for services such as Sprout Social and Hootsuite, which are very thorough and in-depth.  They also provide you with a fantastic report every month, leaving you to simply press print and start viewing your results

The Best Free Social Media Auditing Tools

Of course, not everyone can afford the best software licences so we’re going to cover the free monitoring tools that are available to you on some of the most popular social platforms as well:


Facebook Business

Facebook’s own evaluation services are available on the Business Manager page.

Through this page you can view your last 30 days of activity on the site, giving you the most reliable data possible.

You can evaluate things such as

1. page likes

2. your post reach

3. your page engagement

4. your follower demographic

Facebook Business also lets you create a full report to present to management.


Twitter Analytics

Like Facebook, Twitter offers its own on-site monitoring service. The analytics page gives you access to

1. tweet impressions

2. number of profile visits

3. page followers

4. engagement

It also provides insight into your top performing tweets, allowing you to tweak the kind of content your posting to achieve the greatest interaction with your followers.


LinkedIn Analytics

The LinkedIn Company Page analytics was only introduced back in 2013, but already it seems to be a great, free alternative for LinkedIn users.

The software allows you to get detailed demographic data about your followers, analyse engagements and identify updates which drive the greatest interactions.

It also allows you to see the growth you of your follower count and bench mark it against competitors.

So there you have it, our thoughts on auditing your social media channels.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide which solution fits your business best, but if you’re unsure where to begin or need help with your first audit, take a look at our social media consultancy page and get in touch!

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