Keep your website in perfect working order to please Google and make the most of your content

Websites should be like well-oiled machines – a combination of parts that work smoothly as a whole. Most seem like they’ve not seen a drop of oil since they were built.

The oil that websites need is technical SEO – the purest form of search engine optimisation. Its purpose is to make your website work, both for Google and users, and the results of carrying it out properly speak for themselves.

600,000 Extra Organic Visits A Month

Case Study - Vivastreet

We helped Vivastreet increase their organic traffic by an additional 600,000 visits a month following a full technical SEO audit.

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What Is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is concerned with how Google sees your website in terms of size, speed, and structure. There are lots of moving parts behind the scenes of a website. Layers of code in different coding languages, hidden pages and elements, tags and meta data. All these parts come together to create a smooth user experience, but they can easily fall short of their potential or even cause harm to your search engine rankings.

Digging deep to make sure your website’s innards are optimised properly can make all the difference, and that’s what technical SEO should be about. Google has never been shy about its preference for technically sound websites, with page speed, mobile-friendliness, and clean site structure all well-established SEO concepts, but there’s much more to technical SEO than the latest hot topics.

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How We Approach Technical SEO

Technical SEO is such a fundamental part of your website’s success that you can’t afford to approach it half-heartedly. We’ve developed a methodology that involves working from the ground up to deliver tailor-made solutions, mixing best practice techniques with thorough, data-heavy analysis to make sure our technical recommendations are best for your site.

Technical SEO work takes many forms, and all of them work together to build positive, rank-boosting effects across your entire site.

What Do Our Clients Say?

"The most impressive thing about Custard Online Marketing was the depth of their technical knowledge. They were highly capable of not only diagnosing detailed technical issues, but also closing the loop by providing pragmatic and commercially-focused advice and solutions to address them."

Tom Bunkham

Head of Marketing

Our Technical SEO Services

Tech Audit

A technical audit is the ultimate jumping off point for website improvement. Our tech specialists will review your entire site, hunting down and highlighting every technical SEO issue that could be holding it back from its ranking potential. After the audit, you’ll be left with an action list that’s easy to understand and work through.

Tech SEO Consultancy

Technical work is often best delivered as consultancy rather than activity, leaving you to implement changes gradually while we evaluate their impact. Tech SEO consultancy will provide you with tailored advice to fix your website’s technical issues, which you can implement in your own time.

Website Migration

The process of moving from one domain to another, whether you’re upgrading to HTTPS or going through a re-brand, is enough to strike fear into the heart of any company. Make sure nothing goes wrong by using our tech team as your website migration advisors and overseers.

Mobile SEO

The mobile search market grows year on year as smartphones become more entwined with our way of life. There are a lot of differences between optimising for mobile and desktop, however, so making mobile SEO an integral part of your digital marketing efforts is essential.

Site Architecture

From internal link structure to information categorisation, site architecture is critical in helping Google to understand your website. A site architecture review will highlight how you can maximise the crawlability and usability of your website.


Even the best designed websites need maintenance, with broken links, 404 pages, and redirect chains building up over time. Our technical housekeeping will keep your website in order, catching problems as they arise and solving them in the most efficient way.


Our technical initiatives are cutting-edge techniques that we’ve developed to help our clients. They’re sometimes unconventional but always based around problem-solving, and they’re perfect for issues that regular technical SEO practices can’t cover.

Google Penalty Removal

Google’s algorithm can penalise sites which they believe go against their guidelines. Our technical team will audit your site to uncover the reason behind the drop in traffic, and outline the remedy to remove and reverse penalties to get your traffic back.

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