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Shopify comes with some great SEO features built in, but your SEO approach shouldn’t stop there. Ecommerce SEO is complex, including dynamic product pages and faceted navigation that can serve the same content across multiple pages and cause problems with indexation in Google search results. A specialised Shopify SEO strategy from Custard can ensure your site makes an impact.

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Shopify has some useful built-in tools to help search performance, but it can also create SEO issues too. Dealing with these Shopify SEO problems whilst providing the optimisation a site requires to rank highly in search results form a key part of our expert Shopify SEO strategy.

Our approach

Our SEO team are well equipped to help you take your business forward, using our decades of experience to ensure the content, structure and usability of your Shopify site is set up to rank prominently in search results.

To resolve the specific issues with Shopify, our team will optimise the URL structure within your Shopify site and implement the correct level of indexation via canonical links. Content will be optimised and monitored continually to guarantee it is more relevant and recognisable than your competitors.

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Keyword focused strategies

Your customer’s searches should be at the heart of your Shopify SEO strategy. Keywords are words and phrases that best describe pages and products, and they should not only be relevant to the content of the page but consider the search trend of your customers.

By understanding the searches your customers use, we can devise a strategy that will help to gain more exposure by improving your rankings, using leading tools to compare search volumes and ranking difficulty.

Our Shopify SEO services include:

Keyword research and analysis

Technical audits

Page speed optimisation

Content creation

We work closely with you to understand your goals and objectives before implementing any changes or updates. We offer a free consultation where we can discuss your current situation and how our expertise could benefit you further.

Why you should use Custard’s SEO services for your Shopify site

Improving the organic ranking of your Shopify site vastly affects your online presence, increasing the number of potential customers that find your site and buy from you. It’s vital that your Shopify store is professionally optimised for SEO, to ensure you are being seen for the right keywords and audience.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced professionals will work on your website to make it more visible in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Having worked on a range of Shopify sites, we understand the common pitfalls of using Shopify and can ensure your site is set up for success.

Shopify SEO FAQs

Is Shopify Good for SEO?

Yes, Shopify provides many features to help you manage your business and reach new customers via organic search. It also comes with a suite of tools to help manage your ecommerce store including product listings, inventory management, shipping options, payment methods, etc. Shopify is also very easy to use and setup. You do not need to know how to code or design to set up this system. In fact, there is a free version available if you do not want to pay anything.

How do I get my Shopify site on Google?

Creating a Google Search Console profile for your site will enable you to tell Google that your store is live and should be indexed in its search results. However, this is just the beginning.

You'll need your site to be technically sound, so Google can crawl it effectively, it will need to be keyword optimised and contain enough of the right content so that Google understands what your site is trying to rank for.

Each site is unique and requires different levels of SEO activity for it to rank well. Get in touch today to start your journey higher rankings, traffic and revenue.

Are There Issues with Shopify SEO?

Alt tags: Shopify requests that business owners set the alt text at an image level, meaning that if similar images are used across the website the process of entering the attribute will need to be repeated. This is a vitally important factor of Shopify SEO when attempting to reach higher rankings and is also of primary interest for users – particularly if an image fails to load.

URL structure: The Shopify ecommerce platform provides URL issues similar to other ecommerce platforms. It creates a forced URL structure in its default settings, which Shopify canonicalizes within their website, and can lead to a smaller number of pages being indexed that desired.

Meta data: Another problem with SEO for Shopify is how it implements meta data, which can be automatically duplicated across multiple pages. As meta data is a key indicator for Google, unique data need to be utilised across pages.

Drive more sales

Our SEO experts work with you to plan and execute SEO activity that complements your business to achieve the best possible results.

With over 200 signals for site ranking used by Google’s algorithm, it’s not easy to climb the SERPs. We’ll create and deliver a long-term strategy, using proven tactics to improve your search visibility over time. Deploying the latest techniques and a wealth of industry knowledge, we will analyse where you are, identify where you need to be and work on a plan with you to get you there.

Discover how we can help your Shopify site to reach its potential today.

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