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SEO Agency Liverpool

Custard delivers effective SEO marketing campaigns globally, nationally and to some of our local clients in the Northwest, specifically Liverpool and Manchester, to improve their online presence.

Liverpool SEO

We love working with Liverpool based businesses; they’re local to us, so we can meet with them frequently when discussing activity, strategy and next steps. An effective SEO strategy can be much more effective with good and regular catchups to remove roadblocks and tackle other things that arise.

Why Choose Us?

With close ties to Liverpool, we’re big believers in supporting entrepreneurial business owners and communities, like those housed in the town centre, to grow their online presence and business through increased organic traffic. We’re also accountable and believe SEO should always have a ROI.

Provide us with a few details and one of our friendly team will be in touch within 2 business hours.

We’re open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30pm.

What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a process of improving the visibility of your website in search engines. It’s an important part of any digital marketing strategy because it helps you to reach more people with organic search and grow your business online. Usually our focus is on Google & Bing, the major search engines, but we’re competent and experienced with others like Baidu too.

Why we love doing SEO for Liverpool businesses

Local SEO Campaigns in Liverpool

Local search engine optimization, or local SEO, is the process of optimizing your website for a specific location. If your business provides goods and services local to Liverpool, one of our priorities would be to optimise your online marketing towards driving local traffic to your site and getting you those local leads.

Our local SEO activity focuses on ensuring your company is present on Google Maps and has a strong Google My Business reputation, these factors will also help your conversion rate even if you’re not looking to focus on clients in the local Liverpool area only.

Data-Driven SEO

The rise of data-driven search has changed the way we think about and approach SEO. Data-driven SEO is a new term that refers to using data and analytics to drive your SEO strategy, but it’s not just for large brands with huge budgets. Smaller companies can use this method too; we’re using learnings from massive clients with international reach and delivering that on our clients operating at a local or national level.

SEO Liverpool Services

It’s a pleasure working with clients based in the Northwest & Liverpool as we can meet with them physically to discuss a campaign. We’re a digital agency focused on driving growth and helping companies achieve their business goals with improved SEO rankings across the world, but it’s always nice to help a fellow local business.

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An effective SEO campaign relies on multiple components

Technical SEO

Our experts have an incredible technical knowledge and are able to analyse your current website, identify areas where improvement could take place and implement/provide recommendations for changes accordingly. We can also help you to create a sitemap which will improve the crawlability of your site. This means that pages will load faster as well as be easier for search engines to index and understand.

Technical SEO Audits

A technical SEO audit is a thorough analysis of your existing website, identifying issues that may affect its performance in search results. Our team of experts will review all aspects of your site including:

Site structure

Just as important as the content on your site is how it's structured, it should be positioned logically on your site where relevant content is near similar content giving your users a better experience on your site and allowing Google to have a better understanding around your keyword universe.

Site Design

Design is integral to the success of your site, not only can a good layout that is easy for users help you make more sales, but it can also help it to rank better.


Content is king and always will be. It's important to focus your engaging content around those that will be consuming it, this isn't just the keywords used on your site but also any images, videos, assets and more.

Crawlability (Log File Analysis)

The log file is a very important part of any SEO’s arsenal. It contains information about the requests that are made to your website, and it can be used for many purposes:
To see what users do on your site, how they navigate around your pages and where they go when they leave.

Most importantly for us, it allows us to see how Google crawls the site so we can see if there are any issues with the crawl where the outcome can be pages that aren't getting indexed.

Site Speed

In 2021, Google verified that speed is a ranking factor and pushed lots of SEO companies and web developers to panic to try and get their sites as fast as possible before it came into effect. Custard did exactly the same, we also rebuilt our site to give us 100/100 scores on mobile and desktop and we saw no search ranking benefit.

Whilst speed is important, and it's something we'll work with you on we don't expect you to have the fastest website, we'll just work with you to remove roadblocks, so you're not being held back.

Expect to hear things from us like removing unused code or programs/plugins from your site that you aren't using or ensure you are doing your best when it comes to image optimisation, but don’t expect them to be dealbreakers in SEO performance.

Meta Tags

Meta titles and descriptions help Google and your readers understand what your page is about before they land on it. We'll work with you to craft titles & descriptions that attract your target audience and rank well.

Schema Markup

Schema markup can be applied to websites to improve how Google understands and presents information to users. It can allow Google to present your sites' information in a format that benefits users, examples of this for highlighting product information or local business information - especially beneficial for our Liverpool businesses looking to cater to the local target audience around them.

SEO Content Strategy

We believe that great content is the key to success in today’s world of SEO. We work closely with our clients to ensure that they have high quality content that ranks well in the search engines. Our team also works with clients to create a plan to improve the content on their site. Once we’ve done that, we then provide a roadmap to implement the changes we’ve recommended that all stakeholders in the project can work along on.

Keyword Research

Once we know what keywords are going to be useful to target, we'll undertake detailed keyword analysis to see which ones are already being searched for and which ones aren't. By analysing the competition for each of the key search terms through extensive keyword analysis, we can decide whether it makes sense to bid on it and whether it's worth investing time and money into. If your business also runs paid search ads, we'll use your Google Ads keyword data in order to identify further opportunities.

SEO Content Creation

After improving the existing content, the next step would be to create content that is optimised to generate SEO traffic and, importantly, sales/leads. The focus here would be on creating high-value content that is valuable to your audience and provides an answer to their questions/interests online that are relevant to your product/services.

As our focus is always on the return on investment, we'll prioritise the key parts of your sales funnel initially, this will be lead generation or product pages. Then we'll move higher up the funnel with category pages and blog posts to help grow your sites keyword universe, bringing in a greater volume of prospective leads who'll be ready to buy in the future.

Onsite SEO Optimisation

Our team will analyse the current structure of your site and identify areas that could benefit from improved content and structure. We would then provide those recommendations to you for you to implement on the site, depending on our working relationship we can go in and make the content optimisation ourselves depending on your budget and retainer.

Internal Linking

Internal links help users to travel around your site. It also helps Google to identify what content is related to other content on your site to build an understanding of it. We'll identify where the best linking opportunities to strengthen key pages on your site.

Off Page SEO - High quality links

Backlinks, or inbound links, are the connections that websites have to other websites. They’re a vital part of SEO, and they can be used for both good and bad reasons. Backlinks are important because they help search engines understand what your website is about and how relevant it is to a particular topic, and we deliver this through relevant link building. However, there are many ways to get backlinks and not all of them are positive. This is where backlink audits come into play. A backlink audit will look at the quality of the links in your backlink profile you currently have on your site and determine if they’re helping or hurting your SEO efforts.

Case Studies

We’ve a track record in helping businesses to improve their organic rankings for key revenue-generating search terms. Check out our case studies to learn how our experienced team of specialists took these businesses forward.

51% YoY Increase In Organic Revenue

DBS Bathrooms


We helped DBS Bathrooms increase organic revenue by 51% YoY by reducing duplicate content and re-optimising main category pages.

View Case Study

117% YoY Increase In Organic Revenue

Opie Oils


We helped Opie Oils increase their organic revenue by 117% YoY by reducing category duplication and de-indexing pages with low value.

View Case Study

Custard have been working in digital marketing for over 10 years, we’re an eclectic mix of people from far and wide, with members of staff based in and around the northwest in Manchester and Liverpool. We’ve experience working with a wide range of businesses to help them sell more products, generate more leads and grow their business through targeting relevant keywords and increasing their organic traffic through our range of SEO services.

Custard's approach to SEO

Everything we do is data-driven and backed by research. Our priority is to improve your online search visibility, we won’t suggest activity that doesn’t grow your bottom line. If you’re looking to grow revenue, and you’re willing to implement our recommendations, then we’d love to have a free consultation with you to discuss our offering and how we can help you.

Why you should work with us

The results speak for themselves and if you’re looking for someone you can see face to face our office is only in Manchester. With other clients based in the Northwest, you may find a few of us working from Liverpool and we’d be more than happy to stop by.

What Can You Expect From Our SEO Campaign?

Clearly defined targets and communication throughout the entire relationship, coupled with research-based and implementable SEO recommendations that will propel your site’s traffic for the right terms that generate leads!

What makes a successful SEO strategy

There's no one solution that fits all, every website has a different landscape and situation it operates in so no two projects are ever really alike. It boils down to ensuring that the activity recommended is actually relevant and can deliver a return on investment from improved SEO performance.


If you sell products online, then we can help you sell more. We’ll start with an analysis of your current position in the SERPs, then we’ll take a look at your competitors and see where you can improve.

Whilst we want to be judged on organic performance, we’ll also provide recommendations to help the conversion rate of the product pages so that you can benefit even more from our SEO efforts.

Lead Gen

If you generate leads online then we can help drive more enquiries through your website. We’ll start with a competitive analysis of your industry so that we know exactly who your competitors are. We’ll then use this information to build out a plan of how we’ll help you grow your market share by helping you effectively target your potential customers through SEO. Not only will we help you bring this additional targeted traffic, we’ll also help you to improve your site so that it drives additional contact form submissions through improved user experience and conversion rate optimisation.

SEO Liverpool

As a digital marketing agency based in Manchester, we work with a number of clients based in Liverpool. If you’re looking to climb up the search engine rankings, and are willing to invest in doing so for long term success we would love to work with you. We’ll work with you to identify your target audience and deliver a strategy to grow your online visibility.