Links are Google’s way of telling if your website is deemed important, trustworthy, and authoritative, but they don’t often just fall into your lap.

Outreach is the process of chasing links back to your site, whether that’s from business directories you should be in, industry publications that could benefit from your thoughts, or bigger press organisations that are craving a juicy story.

If content and tech are the vehicle you drive to SEO success, outreach is the fuel that you should be filling the tank with.

169% Increase in organic sessions

Case Study – Glotech Repairs

We helped Glotech Repairs increase organic sessions by 169% by improving their presence in local directories and publications.

Why your website needs outreach

How do you quantify the importance or value of a website?

You can try to evaluate the content, but that’s difficult to do objectively.

You can make sure it follows the technical rulebook, but that’s a limited view.

The third option, and one that’s at the centre of Google’s algorithm, is to use other websites as trust indicators.

Links from one website to another, or backlinks, are essentially signals to Google that the destination of the link is a good source of information.

Without links, Google can only assess up to a point before it reaches its limits of certainty. Backlinks provide social proof – evidence of real-world utility.

In a broader sense, outreach is digital PR. When you’re reaching out to people, publications, and the press for links, you’re also building commercial relationships and bringing attention to your brand. A strong outreach campaign won’t just boost your search rankings as Google determines your importance, it’ll also generate real world buzz about your products or services

What outreach involves

Outreach, and more specifically the practice of link-building, has had a less than reputable past. SEOs of the past realised that links were mission-critical and found ways to game the system to artificially inflate their website’s backlink profile.

Google always catches up though, and a lot of previously successful link-building strategies just don’t work anymore. But what does?

Our Outreach Services

New-wave link-building

As old-hat link-building methods became less effective, and even actively damaging to SEO efforts, the link-building landscape changed. Link-building in 2019 is more sophisticated and less spammy.

Brand Mentions

Being talked about doesn’t always result in a backlink. A lot of the time, publications or press sites will mention your brand without providing a link to your site.

Our outreach team are masters of claiming brand mentions, creating a line of contact with the publisher to turn the unlinked mention into a valuable, SEO-improving, direct-traffic-boosting link.

Guest Posts

What better way to get your brand out there than to share your unique knowledge with a brand-new audience? Guest posting – or writing a piece of content for someone else to use on their site – is a way of doing exactly that, exposing your ideas, products, or services to a fresh set of eyes and benefiting from a link in the process.

We can build your exposure and reach new audiences with above-board guest posting on websites and publications that suit your brand.

If you want to pull out the link-building big guns and strive for links from national and international press and publications, content marketing is the method for you. This is the best strategy if you’re looking for links from household name websites and news sources.

We’ll create a data-driven, attention-grabbing piece of content that gets people talking, and then we’ll send it out to any and every site who might care and let them handle the rest.

Digital PR​

When news breaks that relates to your industry, brand, or product, you get the chance to contribute to the story. Digital PR is the process of engaging with current events to benefit your business, and we’ll do it for you to boost your online reputation.

Outreach Audit

The best way to start your outreach campaign is with an audit that determines exactly where you sit now and how that compares to your competitors. An outreach audit will give you an insight into what outreach success in your industry looks like, and how we can get you there.

Make Yourself Heard With Outreach​

Get in touch to learn how our outreach services can earn you powerful backlinks and better brand awareness across the internet.

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