Get in front of a global market with international SEO for business overseas

The internet has made borders less important than they’ve ever been before. International shipping is standard now and you can buy products in any currency easily enough.

But how do you get your products in front of the overseas consumers who might want them?

International SEO revolves around solving this problem, using technical tactics to make it clear to search engines what countries you serve so they can confidently rank you in international searches.

What Is International SEO And Who’s It For?

International SEO is the practice of optimising your website to make sure that Google can figure out what country’s search results you should be appearing in. Plenty of companies in the world have a market that expands beyond just one country, and their online presence needs to reflect this.

Take Amazon, for example, one of the world’s largest retailers. They have such a wide focus, delivering to dozens of countries, that one website can’t possible cater for all their customers.

Their solution to this was to create 16 versions of the Amazon site, all with different top-level domains (TLDs) that indicate what country they’re targeting. These sites include,,,, and more.

Not only does this allow them to tailor the content on each site to suit users of different nationalities, it also makes sure that search engines rank the site on each of their country-specific indexes.

Why Choose Us For International SEO?

As specialists in technical SEO, we’ve got a natural talent for tackling large technical problems like international optimisation. We’ve developed this talent by working on some truly large-scale projects, carrying out audits and full campaigns for businesses that operate across tens of countries with tens of websites.

We’re more than familiar with international search engines like Baidu and Yandex, and we’re able to report on international successes just as easily as we can with domestic ones.

Our International SEO Services

Country Targeting

When you operate in more than one countries, it’s likely that you’ll need separate websites for users speaking different languages. There are several ways to do this, from TLDs to subdomains, and each of them tells search engines something about which country you’re targeting.

We’re able to recommend and implement country targeting techniques that’ll get you ranking on search engines around the world.

Language Targeting

It’s no good getting your website in front of French customers if all your content is written in Russian. Thankfully, ways of precisely targeting speakers of different languages exist, namely in the form of hreflang tags that tell search engines which languages your content is available in.

We can get your websites set up with all the right hreflang tags to make sure that every user is put in front of content they can read.

Content Tailoring

Different cultures want different content. Your country targeting and language targeting can be spot on, but if the content on your site doesn’t resonate with the user then you might as well have not bothered.

Tailoring your content to make sure it suits the country you’re writing for by using international phone numbers, thinking about cultural differences, and getting the details right will make your website seem authentic and trustworthy, as well as reinforcing the right international signals to search engines.

Go Overseas With International SEO

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