Whether you’re a retail giant entering the online space or a new player in the market looking to cause disruption, get more customers with specialised ecommerce SEO

No matter what you’re selling, one of the hardest parts of making a retail business thrive is getting people through the door.

Things are no different on the internet. While ecommerce sites do benefit from zero barriers to entry, there’s so much competition online that it can seem impossible to challenge larger rivals.

Ecommerce SEO is all about making your website a perfect online shop that’s organised intuitively and easy to navigate, so that it’s favourable to users and search engines alike. Getting it right can see you outrank well-known national brands for your product terms, giving you the chance to convert and eat away at the competition’s revenue without having to pay for every click.

What Makes Ecommerce SEO Unique

Because ecommerce websites are almost entirely product-focused, optimisation techniques are a little different to normal.

Ecommerce sites often sell thousands of unique products which means that the number of pages can quickly spiral out of control and your site can become unorganised, messy, and difficult to navigate.

Solving these issues is the key to ecommerce SEO; helping Google to see and understand your website properly and stopping users from getting confused and leaving to spend their money somewhere else.

The most important things to consider for ecommerce SEO include:

  • Properly optimised product and category pages.
  • Avoiding similar pages cannibalising each other’s rankings.
  • Clean site structure that makes it easy for users to find what they’re looking for.
  • Making sure Google can see all the right pages and none of the wrong ones.
  • Broadening your keyword reach however possible.
Tighten your sales funnels

How We Tackle Ecommerce SEO

We’re an ecommerce SEO agency at our core, and we work with lots of ecommerce clients so we’re more than familiar with how to best approach a new campaign to guarantee improvements.

Ecommerce SEO KPIs

Being able to track the benefits and KPIs of SEO efforts is even more important with ecommerce SEO than with any other type of website. If you’re spending money on SEO that doesn’t increase revenue, you’re wasting money.

Even increases in traffic can’t necessarily be considered a success if they don’t come with higher sales. It has to be the right traffic for it to mean anything.

An effective ecommerce SEO campaign won’t just see you get more visitors, you’ll see your site rank for more keywords and revenue will increase. Staying focused on the bottom line is our number one rule in ecommerce SEO.

Clean Up Website Architecture

How your website is laid out is critical to ecommerce SEO success, just like how the layout of a supermarket is important to keep customers filling their baskets. Proper website architecture will make it so that users can easily find what they’re looking for, while also ensuring that Google understands your product categories.

Optimising your website architecture is the first step we take in ecommerce SEO.

Broaden Keyword Reach

Facets and filters on product category pages are important tools to let customers narrow down their search, but they can get complex very quickly. Knowing how to treat your facets and filters to maximise the opportunities for valuable optimisation can open up organic traffic streams that you didn’t even know existed.

We carry out extensive keyword research and facet and filter optimisation to broaden your keyword reach without allowing Google to see pages it doesn’t need to see.

Product & Category Optimisation

Product and category pages make up the bulk of any ecommerce website, so making sure that they’re optimised well is one of the most important SEO activities. No matter what your product is, there are best practice techniques to make it stand out to Google and persuade potential buyers at the same time.

Using tried and tested techniques, we optimise all of your commercial pages to improve rankings.

Increase Commercial Traffic With Ecommerce SEO

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