The nature of SEO changes too often to stand still.

If you’re not constantly adapting and updating, your website will fall behind and you’ll get lost deep in Google’s search results.

If your website isn’t ranking well on Google, you’re invisible. You’re a shop owner without a sign above the door. Help your existing customers and potential customers to find you and your products with a commercially-minded, flexible, and honest SEO campaign.

Our SEO Process

Step 1: Uncover

We find both faults and opportunities with your website to get a full picture of where you stand in your search market.

Step 2: Analyse

We analyse using our expertise and a data-led approach to inform the strategy we take to secure your organic search success.

Step 3: Deliver

We deliver best-in-class content, tech, and outreach services that are focused on bringing you tangible results.

Step 4: Assess

We assess the impact our work has had so that we can report accurately and maximise what we learn from our successes.

We see SEO as three interconnected strands – content, outreach, and tech. Each strand is important, and your website is weak without any one of them. To reflect this, we have three teams who are live-and-breathe specialists in their specific area of SEO.

Getting your house in order is important if you want people to come and visit.

Tech is the most fundamental strand of SEO. It’s concerned with how Google sees your site in terms of size, speed, and structure. When Google’s crawlers check out your site, proper technical SEO practices will make sure they have a good time.

You can control what Google sees and doesn’t, the art of tech SEO is in making the right decisions.

Tech SEO is resource intensive, data led, and sometimes confusing. It’s also one of our specialties. We’ll crawl your entire site and find every technical issue there is so they can be solved one by one, making your site Google’s favourite to crawl.

Show Google you’re loved, get links.

Links are the backbone of the internet, connecting sites to each other and helping users find what they need. Outreach is all about demonstrating to Google that your site is good by having other sites link to yours. Sounds simple, but it’s not.

Other sites might not want to link to you, or don’t care enough to actually do it. You’ve got to convince them by having great content that’s useful to their customers, new thoughts that they identify with, or accomplishments that they just can’t ignore.

Outreach is digital PR. Nobody’s going to care about you if they don’t know who you are and Google’s not going to care about you if nobody else does. We kill these two birds with one outreach-shaped stone.

What’s a website without content? Empty. That’s what.

Content is a word that’s thrown around a lot, but what we’re talking about when we talk about content is the stuff that gets your customers or potential customers excited about your product or service.

It’s informational, educational, and persuasive. It makes them read or watch or listen, and it tells them what to do next.

Content is the lifeblood of any website and making sure it’s up to scratch is one of the most important factors in SEO. Google has enough choice of competitors out there to never have to rank your website, it’s our job to convince it that it should, because you’re offering the best content.

What do our clients say?

"Our site is a single-page web app, which functions very differently from your typical marketing website platform. This presents a number of unique challenges from an organic performance perspective, but Custard haven’t faltered in being able to provide practical advice on every issue we’ve thrown at them, thanks to their senior team’s roots in enterprise-level web development.

"They have even gone beyond their remit as SEOs on many occasions, providing value-adds that we doubt we’d get anywhere else. Custard are a fantastic agency to work with."

Looking for something More Specific?

If your site spans several countries, there are a whole range of additional SEO considerations to make. We’ve carried out international SEO campaigns for large brands, we know what we’re doing.

Make your brand a thought-leader in your industry with a piece of content that can’t be ignored. Content marketing is a one-way street to external coverage, and therefore valuable links to your site.

Ecommerce websites are the new brick-and-mortar stores. Get people through your door and improve the likelihood of conversions with specialised ecommerce SEO that’s all about the bottom line.

Trying to dominate a local market? We can show Google exactly why they should rank you for local keywords (like ‘SEO Manchester’) and help you appear in the Google Maps results for non-local keywords, cutting ahead of the organic competition.

If you’ve found your way into Google’s bad books, you might need to counter the effects of a manual penalty. Google penalty removal is a special skill that we’ve mastered.

Need something else?

Our SEO Ethos

You need an SEO agency who are on the cutting-edge. An agency whose curiosity means they’re continuously learning. An agency who always takes an educated approach.

We’re THAT agency.

Here at Custard, we use industry-leading SEO techniques to optimise your website, mixing best practice with innovative initiatives. Our campaigns are transparent, so you know you’re not being burned, tailored so you get what’s best for you, and valuable so you don’t leave us.

We’re not just shooting for the best SEO Manchester can offer, we’re aiming to be the best choice for SEO UK-wide.

Improve your organic visibility

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