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SEO or PPC? How about both…?!

Every day we take enquiries via the Custard Media hotline, and many people ask us whether we’d recommend pay-per-click or SEO for their website. Our answer is usually both together – and here’s why!

Natural SEO has certain advantages over PPC marketing, chief amongst these being that 70% of Google users click the natural results rather than the paid ads.

However natural search engine optimisation is based on keyword research, and no matter how many new methods and tools come onto the market, none of them come without criticism.

Even Google’s own keyword tool is the subject of a huge amount of discussion on internet forums – Why do the same numbers come up time after time? Why are they always nice round numbers? How can Analytics tell me I received twice the number of visitors for a keyword as the number of people the keyword tool tells me search for that phrase in a month?

All the above questions lead to distrust in Google’s keyword tool. There are those who suggest that you can trust the ratio between two keywords, if not the keywords themselves. But wouldn’t we rather just have accurate data that can’t be questioned?!

How can PPC and SEO work together?

This is where pay-per-click data comes in. By beginning a campaign with the intention of finding which keywords are really searched for, we can tailor the campaign to provide clicks through to a site AND give accurate search data.

Adwords pay-per-click data includes impressions – the number of times a keyword has triggered your ad. This not only shows which keywords are genuinely searched for more than others, but also which ones lead to clicks through to your site and conversions (if conversion tracking is set up).

This is the data that Custard Media’s onsite optimisation experts love to use to choose keywords to optimise a site and to target with a natural SEO campaign. It can’t be questioned and gives us a great starting point, because we know they’ll make money for our clients. At the same time, if a PPC campaign is providing good results, why stop it?

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