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Custard have been operating in the North-West for over a decade, building a reputation on delivering incredible results whilst being transparent and, most importantly, approachable. Whilst our client base spans the entirety of the UK and beyond, our Manchester-based SEO (search engine optimisation) clients love that we can meet up in person, and discuss their results over a brew with our expert team.

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How we directly impact your bottom line

We'll work with you to identify your target audience, work out their pain points and priorities and then put together an SEO strategy to help you reach them more effectively. In short, we'll help you to grow, whether that's within b2b or b2c by enhancing your performance on the search engines.

Why choose Custard for SEO in Manchester?

And how we'll help your company succeed

If you partner with us, we can help your business to achieve its organic search objectives. Here are just four reasons why you should consider it.

1. We're strategic and work back from your targets to achieve them.

2. Everything is documented and detailed, you'll see exactly where your budget is going.

3. We have a track record of success with digital marketing campaigns.

4. We're always available to meet with you at our office in Manchester.

Our strategic approach to Search Engine Optimisation


We work with a range of businesses who sell physical and digital products, both locally in the UK and internationally. We work to identify the best areas for growth within their offering and tackle that first, meaning our SEO campaigns improve online visibility, organic traffic and provide an ROI as quickly as possible.

Lead Gen

We also have a number of lead gen clients who we work with to help grow their customer base with national SEO campaigns. Whilst there is a slightly bigger disconnect from activity to revenue with lead gen, some of the client projects we've worked on have been the most fascinating, including helping a local client based in Manchester to crack the USA market.

How our SEO Team can grow your organic search traffic

Technical SEO

We've been widely regarded as one of the best technical SEO agencies in Manchester, the tech capital of the North. We've helped clients come to us when they've been hit by a penalty to recover previous traffic, to help them enter international markets and to restructure a website for better SEO rankings, amongst many other needs.

Technical SEO Audits

Our reputation as a technical SEO agency is built off the back of how in-depth and executable our technical SEO audits are. Our audits are delivered by technical SEO specialists who will look at specific issues for each individual client. We run over 160 checks built over our years of working on sites, tell you exactly what's wrong, and how your developers can fix it. We won't ever just hand you a PDF with 100 pages for you to read through and try to decipher.

Log File Analysis

To get to the root of more unique technical issues, you need to directly see how Google is crawling your site. Our technical team can review your site’s server logs to uncover hidden issues with Googlebot and ensure you’re being crawled and indexed correctly, and receiving the rankings your site deserves.

Local SEO campaigns

46% of all Google searches are now local and 18% of these searches can lead to a sale within one day, so getting to the top of these results can be game-changing for your business. We help our Manchester clients and beyond with local SEO, ensuring they show up in local product or service SERPs like Google Maps with products such as Google My Business combined with business citation optimisation..

SEO Content Strategy

At Custard we don't just produce content for the sake of it. At the start of every single project we'll conduct both content audits and content gap analysis exercises in order to identify content that not only drives relevant traffic to the site, but also moves the needle on your bottom line. We do this by utilising well thought-out search terms identified in our audits, before going on to use this activity to inform the content plan for your site.

SEO Content Creation

Once we've delivered our audits and analysis of the current content on your website, we'll then create a roadmap of content that will be produced by our in-house content writers, or by your internal content team in order to ensure any piece produced corresponds to the needs of your online users, subsequently bringing you more traffic.

Web Development

A lot of our clients are large enough to have their own internal development teams, but there are, however, instances where we support our clients with web development. This can be for a number of reasons, such as if an internal team can’t support and complete work because they are waiting on the next “sprint. We also work with entrepreneurial start-ups, who run lean and want to move fast, so having someone to execute on recommendations in a timely manner is of real value to them.


One of the most significant things to do once you're getting relevant traffic is to look at your site objectively to see if there are ways to get more customers without having to get more traffic. This is where we work with you to improve the user experience of your site with the end goal of improving conversion rates.

Digital PR - Off-Page SEO

While Google states that any intentional effort to grow your backlink profile is regarded as not white hat, it's clear that links can help to elevate your website above your competitors. If you're looking for PR it can be as much of a minefield as SEO without knowing where to start, especially when it comes to high-end content marketing with the intent of link building.

Here at Custard, we're a a full service digital agency consisting of an experienced team of SEO specialists. We deliver both individual marketing services and long-term digital marketing campaigns to both individual and massive multinational corporations, and we can help you increase your visibility and revenue from Google.

Case Studies

51% YoY Increase In Organic Revenue

DBS Bathrooms – Full SEO Campaign

We helped DBS Bathrooms increase organic revenue by 51% YoY by reducing duplicate content and re-optimising main category pages.

View Case Study

117% YoY Increase In Organic Revenue

Opie Oils – Technical SEO Audit

We helped Opie Oils increase their organic revenue by 117% YoY by reducing category duplication and de-indexing pages with low value.

View Case Study

Account Managers

The account managers here at Custard are here to ensure that the digital marketing strategy we're delivering is in our clients’ best interests. See them as an extension of your business within Custard. They'll guarantee that each month your marketing budget is allocated in the best possible way.

Get improved search rankings with our SEO performance marketing

We'll help you grow your online business using tried and proven marketing strategies to help you engage your target market with relevant keywords, and meet your business goals.

We use data to inform our decisions, so you know exactly where you stand and what to expect.

Our delivery of SEO is based on data from a range of tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console, but also a range of third-party apps and tools that we use to help take away the heavy lifting and number crunching. These apps allow us to work with finalised data and free up our time to work on strategy and delivering.

Manchester, the Digital hub of the North

Manchester is host to a number of digital agencies, all with their own priorities and skill set when it comes to search engine optimisation. With lots of happy clients who have enjoyed improved positions on Google delivering significant return on investment.


Q: Is SEO Profitable?

A: It really depends, you have to have margin in your products in order to justify the cost and some cases like tech you'll need to implement recommendations in order to benefit from your investment with us. The good thing about SEO is that you're making changes that should benefit your business for years to come.

Q: What does SEO actually do?

A: SEO is the process of optimising your website so that it ranks better on search engines and gives users what they need when they search on Google.

Q: Do you implement your recommendations?

A: No and we recommend you keep SEO and developers separate. Separating SEO recommendations and implementations maintains a level of accountability with both parties ensuring your priorities are worked towards and encourages discussion between the approach of the two disciplines.

Q: How long does it take to see results with SEO?

A: Unfortunately there is no exact formula to work out when you'll see results, it depends on numerous factors including the keywords you're looking to target and how competitive they are, how your site is set up and your sites authority in the eyes of Google.

Q: What is the difference between local and national and international SEO?

A: Local SEO focuses on developing a businesses search universe and reputation in a limited area where they're competing with similar businesses geographically, for national businesses it can be much more competitive because there's a wider net of potential competitors, international is even more complex as there's also a focus on languages and other considerations, unless there's a really strong website it will take time to see results.

Q: When should I hire an SEO Agency?

A: Chances are SEO can help most businesses as long as they are looking to either grow and win more business OR protect existing rankings - which is something some of our clients have us do as they are already top of their rankings on their key revenue driving terms. We'd advise against hiring an agency if you can't service the growth, or you're not sure about the KPIs you need to hit for it to be a success.

Q: Why should i invest in SEO rather than PPC?

A: PPC has its merits, you can see near immediate results and a direct correlation between money invested in and out, the problem with PPC is that once you turn the ads back off you don't get the traffic anymore. Whereas it's the opposite with SEO, it takes time to see results, but they should last a lot longer. We recommend doing a combined SEO & PPC campaign because you're getting the quick results but also sustained success.

Q: How much do I need to spend on SEO?

A: This answer very much depends, if you're in a competitive niche and you've not got a reasonable level of base performance you will have to invest more than someone in a less competitive niche who is already well established. For reference, an average monthly SEO retainer with us is £2,000+ with one off pieces of work starting from £1,000.

Q: How long are your contracts?

A: Our standard SEO retainers are 6-12 months, this enables us to get a lot of work done at the start of the campaign that you should see improvements from which should get you excited to continue working with us. We are also happy to do one-off bits of work like technical audits if required.

Q: How to choose the right Agency?

A: Again, this boils down to your preference, some companies like to work with agencies that are specialists in their field. At Custard work in the opposite way, we only work with one company per vertical to ensure we look after all our customers equally. This way of working also allows us to take learnings from one industry into others to benefit all our clients. In the end you're best choosing the agency that you get on with, you have faith in their work and their strategy and have a track record.

About Custard

Custard are a digital marketing agency based in Manchester who have been providing SEO services to companies for over 15 years and individually if you add our experience in search engine optimisation is over 20 years. We originated as an SEO company providing content and technical support alongside PR for clients, gaining coverage in national and local Manchester publications. Over time, we fell more and more in love with performance marketing and added paid search and social media management to our portfolio of services offered to our clients.

Our Manchester SEO team have been doing big things, great work, and will continue to do so especially with things like our in-depth SEO audits. We'd love to work with you on your next successful SEO campaign.

Get in touch today and have a conversation with an SEO expert who can translate their experience into a strategy that’s tailor-made for your business.

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