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SEO Drives Up to 30% More Online Revenue Than Previously Thought

In August, Google launched Multi Channel Funnels in Analytics. This week it has been revealed that natural SEO drives 30% more revenue than could initially be seen from traditional conversion tracking, a statistic that became provable thanks to the new feature.

For the uninitiated, Google Analytics shows a business how potential customers found your website. It also shows you little things like how they explored it and how you can help enhance their visitor experience for the next time they visit your site.

Analytics conversion tracking works by recording every sale or enquiry that takes place on your site and monitoring where the user came from, which keyword they used to find your site as well as a whole host of other information.

So if someone got to your website via a social network like Twitter, it will show this and the same goes for other sources like affiliates, paid searches (Pay Per Click), and also organic searches.

As a result of this new version of Google Analytics, Blogstorm were able to conduct research that has shown SEO to be 30% more lucrative than could previously be proved. The Multi-Channel Funnels function shows conversions from direct traffic that had previously visited the site through search – known as an SEO assist.

Whereas previously Analytics would have only taken into account the last action and therefore attributed the conversion to direct traffic, SEO will now get the full credit it deserves for providing the initial visit.

This proves that if your online business isn’t investing in SEO, or you’re only running pay-per-click advertising, you could be missing out on a lot of online revenue.

So by hiring a search engine optimisation agency like Custard Media do SEO for your website, rather than putting all your eggs in the PPC basket, then you’re likely to see an increase in revenue. If you’re interested, why not get in touch with the Custard team today?

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