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Selecting the Right SEO Company

With an alarming number of companies professing to be experts in the search engine marketing arena, how can any company make the right decision first time in who to select?

There does seem to be a black mist that surrounds this industry and prices for SEO services vary greatly.

You need to look at the results being achieved by an SEO company and how their pricing model works.  There are a wide range of SEO techniques and to get the best possible outcome you need to widen the range of techniques being used – do not try to be one dimensional because something works; spread your online footprint and strive for new and exciting linkbuilding techniques.

A good SEO company will have invested in SEO tools, attended conferences, subscribed to SEO forums and SEO news. So in effect you are buying their time and SEO experience rather than making potentially costly SEO mistakes.

You also need the support from an SEO company who can really understand your marketplace.  I am not suggesting that you should get an SEO company who has experience in the car rental market just because that is something you would like to target – but do you get a good vibe from the SEO company when explaining your business?

Do they understand how you make profit and what your cost per acquisition is? Where the opportunities are? Are there any quick wins online?

What you are after here is the kind of support you would expect from a business partner with marketing experience. A good SEO company who practise ethical SEO, report on work done and provide ranking reports; give you feedback on any errors being flagged with Google Webmaster Tools, offer advice and guidance on findings from statistical data coming from Google Analytics and offer continual monitoring of competitors.

Finally, look for a company who take all this information and continually drive the online marketing presence of your business.

It is easy to say that Custard Media tick all the boxes, but I must profess that our team do take on each and every client as if that business was their own.  Our team are highly enthusiastic, have a lot of personality and a very good approach to business and customer service – as well as a desire to succeed.

If that sounds like the kind of SEO company you’d like to deal with, contact Custard Media today.

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