Paid search, or pay-per-click advertising, is a shortcut to get in front of the searchers you want to target, giving you the chance to skip above the organic results.

It can be the perfect strategy for consistently driving conversions, but to get the most out of a PPC campaign you need an agency with expertise, a data-led approach, and a deep understanding of your business needs.

We carry out PPC campaigns with attention for detail and achieve high returns on investment, but we also stay communicative so that we can react to changes in your business or its objectives.

This is PPC management with a difference.

292% YoY increase in paid ad revenue

Case Study – DBS Bathrooms

We helped DBS Bathrooms increase their ad revenue by 292% YoY by adding an efficient brand campaign and dynamic search ads.

What Do Our Clients Say?

"Custard have been our PPC agency for several years now, and we're continuing to see great improvements year after year."
Paul Atherton
E-commerce Manager

PPC agency services

Ads aren’t one size fits all anymore, and there are more paid search optimisation opportunities than ever before. Our services cover all the main routes to get your ads in front of the searchers that matter.

Google and Bing ads

Although Google is dominant in the search engine market with over 90% of the market share, some of your customers are on other platforms. We can run campaigns that hit both Google and Bing searchers, so you get full exposure.

Saying this, Google Ads is always our priority, and it’s our specialty too. We have Google Premier Partner status which means we’ve been acknowledged as certified, experienced, and high performing by Google, and that also gives us access to special account support from Google themselves.


One of the alternatives to bidding on text ads on search engine results pages, display ads take your campaigns away from search engines onto websites. With your brand appearing in native banners and ad slots on your potential customers’ trusted websites, you can broaden your impact.

We can increase your ad visibility across the Google Display Network, still using the same approach of attention to detail and pursuit of the best ROI possible.


When someone has already visited your website, you can reasonably assume they’re interested in your product or service. Remarketing is based on this concept and involves placing ads in front of searchers who have visited you before.

This is the perfect way to mop up the leads you couldn’t convert first time, re-igniting their interest in your product before they’ve completely forgotten about it.

Google Shopping

Shopping ads are visual, prominent, and attractive. If you’ve got product ranges you want to boost sales for, what better way to do it than to show the product and price natively in an intent-targeted search result page?

We can run shopping ad campaigns at the same time as text or display ads so ecommerce clients can diversify their advertising methods, get a broader digital ad presence, and find better qualified leads.

Automated Rules

Automated rules allow you to pay close attention to day-to-day account activity at a granular level and make decisions based on the data, whether that’s achieving a certain CPA or pushing keyword bids up during peak times through the week.

We ensure your business goals are met with powerful & efficient automated rules that maximise your exposure during your busiest days whilst maintaining cost-effective bid management. This allows us to drastically reduce wasted spend in the account, whilst increasing CTR and ROI.

PPC Audit

Ad management platforms for large businesses can get complex and difficult to analyse but it’s important you know what the state of your account is so you can improve and optimise ROI.

A PPC audit will give you an overview of what parts of your ad campaign are working and what parts aren’t, giving you the chance to build on your foundation and improve your account’s success.

Get great ROI with a PPC campaign

Learn how our PPC team can help your paid ads strategy align with your business objectives and achieve high ROI.

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