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Over Half Of All Twitter Users Follow At Least Six Brands: How To Make Sure Your Firm Is One Of Them

Last month, Twitter’s vice president of global brand strategy Joel Lunenfeld revealed that over half of the site’s users follow at least six brands on their personal feeds. In fact, 36% of all of Twitter’s users follow six – 20 brands, with a further 12% following between 21 and 30 and another 7% following over 51 brands. A whopping 88% of all Twitter’s users follow at least one brand.

Speaking afterwards to Techcrunch, Lunenfeld said that he believed the best way for brands to use Twitter to their advantage is to treat it as “conversational” and use it to compliment their only advertising campaigns. There are some more basic principles firms can adopt to boost their Twitter follower numbers and here are some of them:

Special Offers

People love a discount. They also love having access to discounts that not everyone else does. Quick updates alerting readers to new product launches or offers on existing ones are easy to schedule and are also very easy to share.

Layoff The Retweets

Or at least keep them down to reasonable amount. Users love being retweeted by big brands and it’s always nice to show off when people tweet you to say thank you, but most of them it’s a lot more beneficial just to reply saying thank you rather than retweeting their comments to your whole feed. Swamping a Twitter feed with positive comments will only serve to annoy your followers and cost you customers in the long run.

Don’t Annoy Your Audience

Specifically, make sure you don’t just tweet about your company and your products. According to Zarella, an endless stream of narcissism is guaranteed to have users reached for the unfollow button, with an exact correlation between self-referencing tweets and followers leaving in droves. Tweets often, but make sure you provide a variety of stuff, with industry news and comments on stories

Avoid Straightforward Repetition

If you’ve got an offer or a new product you’re really proud of, then it’s perfectly acceptable to tweet about it multiple times as your followers may well have missed it. The thing is, you’ve just got to make sure you’re subtle in how you go about this. Battering away with the same message over and over again will just serve to annoy people, but adding in little bits like ‘In case you missed it’ will make all the difference and keep the irritation to a minimum.


Stay Positive!

Zarella also confirms brands who are negative in their tone and content are far less likely to score lots of followers, with the number of followers rising directly as the amount of negative tweets falls. So make sure you keep your tweets upbeat!


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