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In today’s fast-paced, reaction led media, it can be hard to get your brand the online press coverage it deserves. Our online PR service is about more than just coverage of press mentions – it’s about putting your company in front of the right audience.

As a Manchester agency offering a high quality PR service, we can appreciate how busy the marketplace is for businesses looking for a PR company, so we’ve tried to make the decision easier by offering full package campaigns. These campaigns include content conception, research and creation, alongside both broad and targeted media distribution, and even the option to commission additional collateral to accompany your content, such as infographics.

From coverage in some of the world’s most popular blogs and online newspapers to targeted traffic from niche publications, our online public relations team can give your brand the media coverage it needs to generate leads, sales and revenue.

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Bringing your online PR to the right people

No matter how interesting your press release is, it’s unlikely to generate results if it doesn’t reach the right audience. Our digital PR services put your brand’s message in front of the right people, whether they’re potential customers or media influencers.

We’re a dedicated, professional online PR agency, with over three years of experience in working with the media. Having spent a lot of time speaking with journalists, both in Manchester and across the UK, we understand the type of content they’re looking for from businesses and PR agencies.

We also have a fantastic partnership with one of the most recognised and widely used PR platforms in the UK, making us the natural choice to distribute your press release to influential journalists, bloggers and media personalities. We work closely with this platform, receiving advice and support on creating news, designing digital content, and working with the media.

By syndicating your news content around the Internet, we can drive powerful brand mentions and inbound links to your websites, improving your brand awareness and enhancing your website’s visibility in organic search.

Get the best message possible in front of media influencers

To reach the right audience, you need to ensure you create the best content possible. If your media message isn’t quite ready, our expert public relations team can help you craft a compelling, engaging piece of content that represents your brand’s best values and generates the media response you’re looking for.

Our online PR services place your content in front of an influential audience of UK-based and international journalists, whether it’s:

  1. Press Releases
  2. News Content
  3. Infographics
  4. Photo or Video Content

Whether you’re targeting national news publications, business to business magazines or a certain targeted demographic, our content team will work with you to understand your message, and create the perfect piece of content for your desired audience.

From mentions of your brand in popular blogs and online magazines to powerful inbound links to your website, we can help your company launch an engaging and optimised PR campaign that drives traffic and strengthens your search rankings.

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