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Online PR Still Preferred Over Social Media

Despite the rise and impact of social media, online PR is still the preferred communication method for journalists, according to a recent survey.

Findings by Text 100, a public relations consultancy firm, revealed that press releases are still the favoured method of relaying news information to reporters. The study of 72 journalists found that 72% would rather receive a press release of information over using a social media channel.

The internet includes vast sources of information for writers and journalists and with the rise of blogging; there are now endless pieces of content to gather for research. Journalists can find news stories from press releases and blogs, as well as Facebook’ pages and Twitter accounts.

The survey shows that the traditional avenue of online PR is still number one though. Of the social media platforms used, 63% prefer company blogs, 60% chose Wikipedia and 53% looked to Twitter.

However, Dan Baxter, the managing director of Text 100, said even though the conventional communication remains important “brands are missing out by not embracing a balanced approach across all social channels.”

And further findings reveal that contacting journalists via social media is accepted. A massive 85% of reporters are content with being approached by a PR professional through Twitter and 84% are happy to be contacted through LinkedIn. But only 42% like being messaged through Facebook.

It is key from the survey that experts in online PR need to constantly be aware and understand the best way to target/approach journalists. And Mr Baxter advises that building good relationships is important and even more so is learning what communication channel works best for them.

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