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Motor Firm Honda Launches Interactive Marketing Advert And Phone App

Honda is the very latest brand to jump on the interactive marketing band wagon with its hot new digital ad campaign.

The motor company has just unveiled an interactive TV campaign dubbed “This Unpredictable Life” to promote the launch of the new Honda Jazz.

Alongside the campaign there is also an iPhone application which allows the consumer to literally grab content from the advert as it plays.

The marketing scheme uses “screen hopping” which works by having sound from the TV advert recognised by the app. When pre-defined sound waves are read, the app knows to display the same character that was on screen at that moment.

Fundamentally, it gives the audience the ability to interact with the TV ad in real time. Once the person has got the character, they can interact separately with each one away from the TV ad; for example by singing into the iPhone and making it dance.

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