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How to supercharge your PPC landing page

Landing Page Optimisation

One of the key, and often over looked, areas to conversion optimisation is having a good landing page. The landing page of your advert can mean the difference between your visitor turning into Alice, falling deeper into that sales funnel shaped rabbit hole, or becoming Mr. Bounce…

Landing page optimisation does not need to be exhausting and time consuming; you don’t need to entirely redesign your website just to get better results. If your website already represents your brand and products beautifully, you don’t need to start redesigning it – you could create a simple A/B test like the example below.

To get the best results from your PPC landing page optimisation the key thing is to –

Implement a strategy!

Identifying your goals & expectations – What do you aim to achieve?

Set your time frame – The volume of traffic to your site will determine this, it important to choose a period of time that will provide results that mean something.

Testing – Decide on a testing method and implement changes in line with your goals.

Monitoring your results – How will you gauge your success, what metrics will you use, what are your baseline metrics/parameters and importantly, stick to these for the duration of the test.

Analyse & Repeat – Remember the art of PPC is continual refinement, if you stay safe once you have achieved results you will never know the full potential of your paid search campaigns.

Keep in mind – landing page optimisation is just one area that you can improve your campaigns performance. The user interaction doesn’t stop here – after successful testing, try to use the insights you have gained to further optimise the user experience.

Continual testing and optimisation of conversion paths, from your initial search query and triggered advert, right down to your landing page and sales funnel is essential to achieving the very best results from your PPC. Don’t be lazy, but at the same time don’t overdo it, if you try to change and monitor everything at once you will have no baseline to compare your data sets to.

Finally… We understand not everyone is lucky enough to have designers and developers working alongside them like we do here at Custard, so if you need help when it comes to testing your landing pages why not get in touch!

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